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Australian artist Giulietta prepares to release her latest album. Photo property of Simmy Music

One of the most groundbreaking artists across the world is Giulietta.  This Australian songbird has shined in both the United States and her native homeland.    She has received prestigious awards from the Los Angeles music community including a Hollywood Walk of Fame and Producer Choice Awards.


Recently, I had a chance to correspond with this rising superstar and she talked about her rising career, her role models and her latest album.


Jacob Elyachar: How did you get started in the music industry?


Giulietta: I’ve been singing since I was four and I always loved singing.  But it was when I was 14, that I was recording with a local DJ and my first single that we released “Dirty House Music” hit number four worldwide on the Beatport Dance Charts and hit the Top 20 Aria Dance Charts Australia.   That was where I began my career in music and began to push through as an artist.


JE: Who are your music role models?


G: I really took up to people such as The Dream (Terius Nash), Pharrell Williams and Gwen Stefani.


JE: What was it like to hear that your first album “Ascension” reached number 16 on the U.S. Billboard Dance Charts?


G: It was amazing! It was the first single that we had released off the album “Vertigo” I was really excited. I was the first Un-signed Australian Artist to do so! So for me that was a huge accomplishment. Something I am very proud of!


JE: What has been one of your top highlights in your early career?


G: Definitely breaking into the U.S. Charts and working with industry professionals.  It really inspires me to keep creating great music.


JE: Could you tell readers about your new album: “911-Code Pink?”


G: 911: Code Pink is my favorite project that I have put together so far.  This project has all my “blood, sweat and tears” in it.  This project really means a lot to me.  Its really GIULIETTA …its me all over.  It really tells a story from start to finish that will keep you on your feet dancing the whole way through.  You will get your mix of dance, pop and hip-hop.


JE: If you had a chance to collaborate with any international artist, who is on top of your list?


G: Terius Nash (The Dream), Pharrell Williams, Nicki Minaj and Andre 3000.


JE: Is there anything else you would like to share?


G: 911-Code Pink is about to take over I have no doubt in it what so ever!  So make sure you get it when it drops.   Follow me on Twitter: @giuliettamusic.


To learn more about Giulietta, visit her website at: http://officialgiulietta.com.au/theblog/

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