Jacob interviews…Josh Skinner part two

Josh Skinner talked about his most fascinating interviews in the second part of the interview series. Photo property of Josh Skinner

In the second part of my interview series with Internet host Josh Skinner, the WithJosh.com host talks to me about his most memorable interviews.


Jacob Elyachar: Could you name your three most memorable interviews?

Josh Skinner: I’ve done almost 50 interviews with 50 interesting people in pop culture.  Marc Summers was a big one for me because he was one of my childhood heroes.  I loved Double Dare…I wanted to be on Double Dare.  I wanted to be Marc Summers…I wanted to be slimed.   I followed his career after Double Dare.  The moment I was in his house…seated next to him, it was a full circle moment for me and I thought with God all things are possible because all my childhood, I wanted to meet him and get to know him.  He gave me a very intimate interview and it changed my life.


JE: Was it difficult to hear his responses about his earlier career and his OCD?

JSK: I read his book right before I did the interview.  His platform has become the OCD platform and I had no idea that he was a magician at the Magic Castle.  When he talked about his struggles that he went through…it may me feel at peace.  It made me realize that my journey is a lot like his and for someone that I look up to see someone I have looked up to see that they have been on the same course…it’s refreshing and it is also nice to sit next to your childhood hero.


JE: Could you please choose two more memorable interviews?

JSK: If I had to choose two other interviews, the recent ones would be Sherri Shepherd from The View because it was perceived by some of the viewers as disturbing and obliviously Kris Jenner from Keeping Up with the Kardashians because she has gotten a huge following.


JE: Before we get to your interview with Kris, you have told me earlier that you are a friend of the Kardashian family and as a friend…is it hard to see negative media stories come out daily? How do you deal with it?

JSK: No, it is not because these are amazing brilliant people and I know that half of America thinks that they are a joke or whatever but they are not.  They are business minded and business savvy and they are intense. I truly believe that all press is good press for them.  Kris made the family $65 million last year alone.  This year, they will probably double that and it is pretty insane.  Without any press, they would not have a career or money and I think that they enjoy everything.


JE: To have her open up about her father and Rob Kardashian, Sr. dying in the same year back-to-back. Did viewers find that shocking?

JSK: It was weird because all of the responses from the viewers were nothing about anything that was super serious. For me, when I was interviewing her I thought that this was completely touching because she lost two very close people to her in a short period of time and she had just lost Nicole Brown-Simpson who was murdered.  That was an incredible time of growth that she had to go through.  Unfortunately, the viewers did not talk about it.  A lot of the responses that I got were regards to her Christianity and how some felt that she is an amazing mom because how she raised her kids or the worst mom.  That was honestly every post and every blog that picked it up…either loved or hated her and some intense religious folks did not believe that she believes in God.  That’s a whole different debate, I guess.


JE: Do you have any least memorable interviews?

JSK: Without naming names because I love all of my guests, there has been two or three that I just walked away thinking they weren’t all that I thought they were.  One person I looked up to a lot as a child and was really into their T.V. show and he canceled on me three times and his publicist had to keep apologizing and he was not the nicest person…the interview turned out fine you will never know but it left a bad taste in my mouth.  There are one to two other interviews that I thought: “Wow! They have zero personality.”  Not what I expected (chuckles).


JE: Who is the nicest person that you have interviewed?

JSK: If I could interview a person every week if I could, it would be Kris Allen, the winner from American Idol from a few years ago.  He is the nicest guy ever!  I also write music and we run into each other a few times.  He’s the guy I wish could be my little brother.  He remembers your name, knows who you are, he’s funny and not affected by the industry.  He’s my favorite…I would interview him about the same stuff everyday if he wanted me to…he and his wife are so rad.


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I have attached the interviews that were mentioned in my conversation with Josh. 


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  1. I think that every step made of Josh in his career is a show of his capacity to create one magical & wonderful show of talent. He`s amazing! When i met his work, the first thing on my mind was: “OMG! This boy knows so good that he make”. He has the capacity to obtain atention of the peoples cause he`s a great Artist, he`s so natural; he puts a good energy in every project that he makes.
    I´m so proud of him, cause Josh is the best artist never seen!, but the most important; he`s a good person who puts hisown heart in every interview and with his peoples around.
    Like songwriter is wonderful, a big talent, he`s pure passion!,he recreate his feelings in every words in a perfect way, he`s a modern poet of the Pop culture.
    Josh is my hero

  2. I wanna say thanx for this interview to Josh, cause his fns love all about him,about his great work. Josh is the best host of all.

  3. Love all interviews of Josh, but the Interview to Kris Jenner was special cause it showed one serious aspect on withjosh.com, talk about Nicole Brown-Simpson who was murdered say much about how is the life in our society, the “Justice” & the pain. I love it.

  4. Perfect answer! That really gets to the heart of it!

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