The 50 Grammy Performances That You Need to Watch-Day Nine

Elton John and Eminem after performing at the 2001 Grammy Awards. Photo property of Kevork Djansezian/Associated Press.

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The Grammys are airing on CBS in four days!


In order to prepare music lovers for this incredible music television special, this author is countdown to the best Grammy performances that viewers should watch.  For the past nine days, this series has crossover between and this author’s page.


This edition features five outstanding Grammy moments that produced comebacks, reunions and incredible artistry.


10. Tina Turner, What’s Love Got to Do With It? (1985)


The Queen of Rock gave one of her greatest performances of her career when she performed her Private Dancer hit on the 1985 Grammy Awards stage.  She sang raw vocals and showcased a lot of spunk throughout her entire number.


Click here to see Tina’s comeback performance:


9. Simon & Garfunkel, The Sounds of Silence (2003)


One of the Grammy’s dramatic moments came from Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel’s 2003 reunion at the 2003 awards.   When they performed the haunting “The Sounds of Silence” at Madison Square Garden, the duo’s famous two-part harmony gave viewers chills and goose bumps.


To watch Simon & Garfunkel’s reunion on the Grammys, click here:


8. Mary J. Blige, Be Without You/Stay with Me Baby (2007)


Mary J. Blige’s ascension to superstardom continued after she performed these two songs at the 2007 Grammy Awards.   With the help of a backing orchestra, she hit delivered two master class vocal performances that earned a standing ovation from the audience.


Click here to watch Mary J. Blige’s 2007 Grammy Performance:


7.  Santana & Rob Thomas, Smooth (2000)


The 2000 Grammy Awards could be renamed the night Carlos Santana swept the Grammys.    He received eight Grammys for his Supernatural album.   Near the end of the ceremony, Santana and Rob Thomas performed an electrifying “Smooth” that featured a powerful guitar solo from Carlos Santana and great vocals from Rob Thomas.


To watch the best performance from the 2000 Grammy Awards, click here:


6. Eminem & Elton John, Stan (2001)


One of the most controversial Grammy performances was Eminem and Elton John’s duet “Stan.”  What made it so controversial was that Eminem was homophobic and had gay rights groups up in arms when it was made public that he would be performing at the Grammys with Sir Elton John.    However, they proved haters wrong when they performed an incredible version of “Stan.”


Click here for to watch one of the greatest crossover performances on the Grammys:


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