Jacob’s Eye On…Avengers vs. X-Men: Part Two-the Avengers

A majority of Marvel’s top superheroes are a part of an Avengers team. But their loyalty to the franchise will be tested in “Avengers vs. X-Men.” Artwork by Marko Djurdjević and property of Marvel Comics.

By: Jacob Elyachar

Before reading part two of my series, please read part one: http://jakes-take.com/2012/03/10/jacobs-eye-on-avengers-vs-x-men-part-one-thexmen/

Marvel’s biggest maxi-series of the year: Avengers vs. X-Men will begin on March 28 when the zero issue of this saga is released.

In my last blog entry, I talked about the X-Men’s story and how the past eight years lead up to the event.    Now, part two of my Avengers vs. X-Men series focuses on Earth’s Mightiest Heroes and what happened after the House of M mini-series.

Civil War (2006-07)

This seven-issue mini-series saw the Avengers fighting each other on the Superhuman Registration Act.   While Iron Man supported the act, Captain America rallied heroes against it.   Civil War saw several shocking moments including Spider-Man revealing his secret identity and Captain America being arrested.  The Star-Spangled Avenger’s arrest lead to his  “death” in Captain America #25 (2007). 


The Initiative (2007-08)

Following Captain America’s “death,” Iron Man took control of the spy agency S.H.I.E.L.D. and carried out the Initiative, which provided every state with a superhero team.   He also formed his own team of Avengers made up of Ms. Marvel, the Wasp, Ares, Wonder Man, the Sentry and Black Widow.    They faced a new version of a female Ultron, the Mole Man, Doctor Doom and the Underground Avengers, who discovered a shocking revelation after they faced “Elektra” in Japan.


Secret Invasion (2008)

At the end of New Avengers, Vol. 1 Issue 31, the underground Avengers were shocked to find that Elektra was revealed to be a Skrull.  The alien race under their leader: Queen Veranke, who joined the New Avengers under the identity of Spider-Woman, infiltrated every superhero group and vowed to take over the world.    Every superhero and villain stood united and defeated the Skrulls…unfortunately their victory came with a cost with the death of founding Avenger: Wasp and a great evil reign began…


Dark Reign (2009)

 For a whole year, the Marvel Universe was blanketed in darkness as Norman Osborn (the Green Goblin) was handed the keys to S.H.I.E.L.D.’s replacement: H.A.M.M.E.R.    While the real Avengers were still on the run, lead by Luke Cage, Ms. Marvel and the new Captain America, Bucky Barnes, the former Goblin created his own team of Avengers that included Venom, Bullseye and Moonstone.   The “Dark” Avengers and their leader created chaos thorough out the Marvel Universe as the bad guys continued to come out on top.     However, near the end of Dark Reign, the heroes began to find sprinkles of hope as a veteran Avenger was about to return to the land of the living.


Captain America: Reborn (2009-10)

 Captain America: Reborn focused on the truth about Captain America’s “assassination.”  Sharon Carter was brainwashed by Cap’s longtime foe: Doctor Faustus to shoot at her friend.   However, Captain America was not dead but was frozen in time and space.    As the heroes prepared a rescue; Osborn, Doctor Doom, Faustus and the Red Skull’s daughter, Sin prepared for Captain America’s arch-nemesis’s return.   His goal was to use Captain America’s body as a weapon against the heroes and ruin Captain America’s reputation.     The heroes thwarted the plan and saved the Avenger’s life.


Siege (2010)

After facing betrayals and failed plans, a deranged Osborn ordered his army to attack the mythical city of Asgard.   This event saw the reunion of the Avengers’ Big Three (Captain America, Iron Man and Thor) for the first time before Avengers: Disassembled and saw Thor’s home come crashing down to Earth thanks to the Sentry’s malevolent persona: The Void.     Thor’s half-brother: Loki makes the ultimate sacrifice and gives the heroes enhanced powers before being killed by the Void.      The battle ends when Thor regretfully kills the Sentry and Osborn and his forces are taken into custody.


The Heroic Age (2010-11)

 With Osborn in custody, the President asked Steve Rogers to serve as the new head of S.H.I.E.L.D., where he re-organized three teams of Avengers.   The self-titled book saw Marvel’s most popular heroes tackle Wonder Man, the Hood and the Intelligentsia while the second volume of New Avengers dealt with the Marvel mystical world and the remains of H.A.M.M.E.R.    Meanwhile, Secret Avengers showcased the adventures of Commander Steve Rogers and his team as they faced the Shadow Council.     Meanwhile, Sin returned on the scene to finish what her father started.


Fear Itself (2011)

Sin’s revenge began when she reawakened the Serpent, an Asgardian fear god, that Thor’s father, Odin, locked away years ago.   The Serpent gave Sin and seven other powerful super humans enchanted hammers that transformed them into the Worthy, a monstrous group that performed acts of carnage throughout the Marvel Universe.   Eventually, the heroes gain the upper hand and defeat the Serpent through Iron Man’s new weapons; they lose Bucky Barnes and Thor in the process.


Norman Osborn’s Revenge (2011-12)

While mourning the loss of two of their colleagues, Norman Osborn returned with a vengeance as he formed a super group that consisted of H.A.M.M.E.R., HYDRA, A.I.M. and Hand agents.    He also recreated his Dark Avengers to face off against the New Avengers, while Osborn personally dealt with the main Avengers team.    In the final confrontation against the Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, Osborn revealed that he had Super-Adaptoid powers that meant he could absorb their super powers.    After taking on both teams, he was eventually knocked into a coma and taken once more back into custody.


However, the threat is not over as the Phoenix Force heads towards Earth.   Will the Avengers be forced to fight their longtime friends: the X-Men to save the planet?  Find out on March 28!

For more information about the Avengers, visit Marvel’s Web site: http://marvel.com/

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