Jacob’s Eye On…The Voice Season Two’s Top Eight

The Voice's semi-finalists will face off for the first time on Monday's live performance show. (Photo property of NBC).

By: Jacob Elyachar

For the first time in this season’s competition, all eight remaining singers will square off for a spot in next week’s season finale.    This season has presented incredible performances and it’s anyone’s game who will be in next week’s season finale.    Once again, I analyzed which mentor has the strongest team and who has the weakest team going forward in this week’s semi-finals.

The strongest: TEAM CEE LO

Last week’s quarterfinals saw the ascension of Team Cee Lo.  Both Juliet Simms and Jamar Rogers are going into this week’s semi-finals stronger than ever and could give the other contestants a run for the title.   However, while Jamar has a strong back-story and has been consistent with his performances, viewers have seen Juliet blossom over the season through her comeback performances of “Roxanne,” “Torn” and “Cryin’” that could secure her place in the season two finale.

To watch Juliet’s “Cryin,” click here: http://youtu.be/oMb1KyMMpzI

You can catch Jamar’s cover of “It’s My Life,” by clicking here: http://youtu.be/DPuCYC_63yY

The second strongest: TEAM CHRISTINA

There is a reason why Chris Mann and Lindsey Pavao are the last two people left standing on Team Christina.   They represent diverse music backgrounds and gave astonishing performances with their Blind Auditions and the Battle Rounds.   However, both of them had off performances like Chris’s rendition of “Bridge Over Troubled Water” and Lindsey’s cover of “Part of Me.” Each of them has a strong chance of winning this show if there weren’t any teams, but since only one person will be going to the finals representing Team Christina, Chris Mann might have an edge because the viewers have rallied to save him twice.

Chris moved the audience with his cover of Coldplay’s “Viva La Vida,” click here: http://youtu.be/1ogZ7nggz-E

 Lindsay delivered a show-stopping cover made it to this round with her impressive rendition of “Please Don’t Go.”  To watch the performance, click here: http://youtu.be/_xMloUOxf8o

 The middle group: TEAM BLAKE

 Team Cee Lo and Team Blake switched places in the Top Eight for one simple reason: the Team Cee Lo artists fought for their spot while Team Blake’s remaining artists are still in neutral.   Do not get me wrong, Erin Willett and Jermaine Paul are impressive performers but The Voice is about improving and growing as an artist.  If you compare their growth rates to their six other competitors, they might be in the middle or at the beginning of the bottom.     But if fans are betting who might represent Team Blake in the finale, they might bet for Jermaine Paul.

Jermaine stole the show with his rendition of “Against All Odds.” To watch this performance, click here: http://youtu.be/1rdwg6XF9kQ

 To watch Erin perform her rendition of Adele’s hit “Set Fire to the Rain,” click here: http://youtu.be/CUOku5aXhr8

 The weakest group: TEAM ADAM

 While Team Adam’s weakest singers have been eliminated from the competition, Tony Lucca and Katrina Parker have a lot to prove this week.   Last week, both members delivered solid vocal performances that wowed the judges, it might be late in the competition to stage a comeback and move up in the standing of stronger teams.    Voice fans might have already looked at Tony Lucca to represent Team Adam in the finale.

Tony Lucca came back in full force with his rendition of former Mouseketeer Britney Spears’s first hit: “Baby One More Time.”  To watch the cover, click here: http://youtu.be/eRkrCzwnbIk

 Katrina Parker continued to her journey on the show by giving one of the best performances of the night with “Jar of Hearts.”  Click here to watch the performance: http://youtu.be/w0ZFcChzBy8

 To find out more information about the show, visit the Voice’s Website: http://www.nbc.com/the-voice/


  1. I’m with you that Team Cee-Lo is, by far, the best one out there, and either Jamar or Juliet should win the whole thing.

    On Team Christina I’m a big fan of Lindsay, but I just can’t seem to connect with Chris Mann whatsoever since his blind audition, and I don’t see what America sees in him.

    On Team Blake I kind of like Erin. But while Jermaine has the charisma and I like the guy, his performances have been a bit too loud and over the place, in my opinion.

    And Adam, poor Adam, after winning last year he really does seem to have the weakest roster here. But, hey, America seems to really like Tony, so maybe he still has a chance.

    Nice post!

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