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Irv Da Phenom is one of the artists performing at the 2012 Dancefestopia. He will also be touring across the country to promote his latest CD: “Who the Expletive is Irv Da Phenom?” (Photo property of Irv Da Phenom)


By: Jacob Elyachar

One of the acts that will be taking the Dancefestopia stage tomorrow is Irv da Phenom.   Under the watchful eye of his mentor: Tech N9ne, Irv has grown into an impeccable rapper that specializes in “Human Music.”   He recently released a new album: Who the Expletive is Irv da Phenom?  and will be going on tour this summer to support his album.      Recently, I had the opportunity to sit down with Irv and we talked about his interest in music, definition of “Human Music,” his latest album and what fans can expect from him at Dancefestopia.

Jacob Elyachar: How did you decide on your stage name: IRV DA PHENOM?

Irv da Phenom: My real name is Mitchell Irving, so I got half of the name.  But people call me Irv for short and I felt that Irv was plain and so we added something on to my name: “Phenom.” because rapping, singing, writing and once you see a stage show and it is above average, it will excite the audience.  So that’s how the stage name came about.

JE: When did you get interested in music?

IDP: I have pretty much been always into music via through church or as I got older…listening to the radio.   My parents did not buy albums or anything like that.  At church, my father was the song leader and we did not have any instruments at the church everything was a cappella and I learned a lot about music through that and when I finally went out on my own and started listening to music, it just grabbed me.

JE: While I was preparing for our interview, I found that you define your style as “Human Music.” Could you describe to my readers what your definition of Human Music is?

IDP:  Say you go on iTunes and you are looking for a particular genre of music.  You have Hip-Hop, R&B/Soul, Rock and other different genres.  Human sums all of it up in one genre.   It’s a genre, which has no genre.   What I mean by the term “Human” is that humans don’t feel one particular way throughout your whole day.   You have happy moments; you have sad moments; you have aggressive moments.   It all just changes and my music reflects that.   I also listen to and make a lot of different kinds of music.  The best way it is to sum it all up is “Human,” which involves the whole emotional spectrum and sounds.

JE: You mentioned on your Website that rapper Tech N9ne is your mentor. What was it like working for him?

IDP:  Man it is always crazy working with Tech.  He is really an incredible artist.  We’re both from Kansas City.   We would be at the same recording studios and I would come to his shows and sell my CDs and promote or whatever.   We wound up linking up and it is always good man because he is one of my favorite artist and whenever I work with him whether it is a song or an album, he always brings the best out of me and to go ahead and push the envelope.

JE: Let’s talk about your new album. What is it about?

IDP:  The album is called: Who the Expletive is Irv da Phenom?  The reason why it is titled that is this album is the first that a lot of people have been hearing me on an album and it is titled that because a lot of people wonder: “Who is Irv da Phenom?” Listening to this album is like looking into my mind day-to-day, how I approach different situations and my stance on a lot of different things.   This album will showcase what I can do and bring people along for every album after that.

JE: Why did you decide to perform at Dancefestopia?

IDP: It is a great opportunity to share my music with a lot of new people who may have not heard of me.  It is a definitely going to be a big opportunity, it’s going to be fun and just performing anywhere is fun.    I am also looking forward to getting some new fans at the event.

JE: Dancefestopia is not the only place you will be performing at this month.  You will be traveling around the country in June and July.  What part of touring excites you?

IDP: In my opinion, touring is one of the best jobs you could ever have.    There are a lot of places that I would never go to like somewhere in Montana or North and South Dakota.   Then, you go and see how beautiful it is and meet new people.  You get to see the world and once again you are reaching your music to all of these different places and reaching out and touching people in those states.  You get to connect with your fans better and see the world at the same time.

To learn more about Irv da Phenom, visit his Website: http://irvdaphenom.com/

Also, do not forget to check out Dancefestopia’s Website to learn more about this upcoming weekend concert festival: http://www.dancefestopia.com/

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