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“All the Right Moves” is a eight-part docu-series that follows Travis Wall, Nick Lazzarini, Teddy Forance and Kyle Robinson’s latest venture in dance: starting their own company: Shaping Sound. (Photo property of World of Wonder and Oxygen)

By: Jacob Elyachar

Travis Wall.  Nick Lazzarini.  Teddy Forance.  Kyle Robinson.   Together they are four of the most successful and sought-after performers in the not only in the dance industry but of their generation as well.

In the past, these four men have worked with some of the biggest names and projects in show business.   Nick and Travis were finalists on the first two seasons of So You Think You Can Dance and have performed and created routines that were seen on Dancing with the Stars, the MTV Video Music Awards and the Academy Awards.  Teddy has danced with Janet Jackson, Lady Gaga and Maxwell while Kyle Robinson is a Julliard graduate and performed in the national tour of West Side Story. 

Now these four men face a monumental task…starting their own dance company: Shaping Sound.    Their journeys will be depicted in the new eight-episode docu-series: All the Right Moves.

After watching the pilot episode of the show, I think that viewers will enjoy seeing what really goes behind the scenes of a rising dance company and how the Shaping Sound men prepare each of their routines from the early rehearsals to the performance show.     In addition, All the Right Moves will display how the building of Shaping Sound will affect their personal lives including showing the tensions between their longtime friends, dancers and each other.

But despite the drama, the guys assured me that they had a great time filming the docu-series.

“The most enjoyable part (of filming) is having your best friends around.” Nick Lazzarini said.  “Knowing this isn’t some stranger that you are going through this (at times) hard process with but because you are doing this with your best friends, you are always going to know that they are going to have your back and lean on them and that’s how we got through this process and made us even closer as friends.”

Click here to watch a clip from the show: http://youtu.be/-I5zOzTIo6w

For more information about All the Right Moves, visit their Web site: http://all-the-right-moves.oxygen.com/

I do not own any the clip or the photo used in this article.  They belong to Oxygen Media.


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