Jacobelyacharjournalist.com celebrates its one-year anniversary!

Jacob Elyachar

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for reading this blog! I really appreciate all of the support! I can’t wait to bring you guys new and exciting stuff in year two! (Photo property of Jacob Elyachar)

By: Jacob Elyachar

This month, I am celebrating my one-year anniversary on the blogosphere.

When I started this blog a year ago, I just moved home to Kansas City after spending four incredible years at the University of Colorado at Boulder and I was searching for a full-time job in the journalism world.   While I was looking for a job, I began to bring my thoughts and perspective on the entertainment world to life through this blog.

At first, I did not know how this blog would turn out. Though, my first month did not meet my expectations, I decided to explore different avenues to bring interesting stories to my readers.

It all started when I saw that I received a new follower on Twitter.  His screen name was @simmybeats.   I thanked him for following me and he told me you’re welcome and he told me to follow him back.   Over the course of the weeks, I began to work up the courage to see if he would like to be one of my earliest interviews for my blog.   He agreed and soon I began to upload his interview responses to my blog and thus my blog began to increase and a friendship formed.

However, the Australian record producer isn’t the only one who helped me out during the first year of my blog.  Several people including Fit2Fat2Fit.com’s Drew Manning, withJosh.com host Josh Skinner, the Voice’s Kim Yarbrough, X Factor’s LeRoy Bell, America’s Got Talent alum Daniel Joseph Baker and All the Right Moves’ Travis Wall, Nick Lazzarini, Teddy Forance and Kyle Robinson were among the people who took time out of their lives to talk to me in some of the best interviews that I had ever conducted.

I would not have been where I am without the support of my fans, family, interview subjects and colleagues in the media industry, who helped and supported me all throughout the early stages of my blog.      I especially want to give a shout-out to the world’s best parents: Gloria and Matthew Elyachar and the world’s best brother: Aaron Elyachar, who continue to guide me to not only be a better person but also an incredible journalist.

The next year will hopefully bring exciting pieces of content, intriguing interviews and fascinating previews and reviews.

Thank you once again for your incredible support!

All the best!

Jacob Elyachar

Chief Content Producer/Writer of jacobelyacharjournalist.com

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