Jacob’s Eye On….Once Upon A Time (Halfway Point)

Will Emma regain Henry's trust after lying to him about his father's existence? (Photo by ABC's Jack Rowland)

Will Emma regain Henry’s trust after lying to him about his father’s existence? (Photo by ABC’s Jack Rowland)

By: Jacob Elyachar

Warning! Spoilers are ahead!

Last night’s episode of Once Upon A Time, “Manhattan,” was a game changer.

Emma’s ex and Henry’s father, Neal Cassidy, was revealed to be Rumpleskiltskin’s (Mr. Gold)’s son.   While Neal does not want anything to do with his father, he seems to be starting a relationship with his son.   It was also revealed in the Enchanted Forest, that Henry would be a key to Rumpleskiltskin’s downfall and the Dark One vowed to kill him.

Meanwhile, over in Storybrooke, Regina and Cora are a step closer to finding a solution to their problem of getting rid of their enemies: controlling the Dark One through his dagger and using Rumple to kill them.

If things were not bad enough, Greg Mendell recorded Regina using magic and sent the footage directly to his contact.

Here are some story elements and factors that could play out into the Season Two finale.

Emma’s Lying & Its Consequences: Throughout “Manhattan,” Emma had lied to her son, ex and Mr. Gold about a lot of important factors.  Henry’s trust in his mother might be at its breaking point because he compared her to Regina because both of them told him lies.   Neal and Gold could definitely have issues with her because of the fact that she lied to them about Henry.    It might take the rest of the season for Emma, to earn their trust back.

Rumple & Son: While Mr. Gold and Neal’s relationship is on the rocks, there might be a reconciliation after Captain Hook attacks his archenemy.  Unfortunately, could Neal turn his back on his dad again, once the truth comes out about Rumple murdering his mother back in the Enchanted Forest or Rumple’s designs for Henry’s death?

Hook’s Revenge: Captain Hook may get his revenge on Mr. Gold in the next coming episodes by injuring him but since Gold is a major character, Once’s creators would receive backlash from fans, if they kill him off.  Which leads to the question, who could be targets of Captain Hook’s revenge? An amnesic Belle?  Neal? Or Rumple’s newly discovered grandson: Henry?


Could Regina (sandwiched in between Hook and Cora) be able to regain the progress that she made earlier this season in becoming a good person. (Photo by ABC's Jack Rowand)

Could Regina (sandwiched in between Hook and Cora) be able to regain the progress that she made earlier this season in becoming a good person? (Photo by ABC’s Jack Rowand)

Regina-Villain or Anti-Hero: Throughout Season Two, Regina began to transform from a villain to an anti-hero.  But since Cora’s arrival in Storybrooke, Regina has fallen back into her villainous ways.   In the promo to “The Queen is Dead,” Snow stated to her that Cora does not care about her and advised Regina to dump her mom.  Will she listen to her longtime enemy?  Or will Regina stay with her mother?

Pinocchio’s Return: Once’s creators have confirmed that August will be back in the latter half of this season.  But this author has a feeling that it will not be a warm one as August has much to answer for.   From double-crossing Neal in leaving Emma penniless in prison to lying to both Emma and Mr. Gold about Neal’s existence, August has some explaining to do and needs to go on his own redemption quest for people to trust him again.


Who is Greg talking to? Will they make an appearance in Storybrooke to find him? (Photo by ABC's Jack Rowland)

Who is Greg talking to? Will they make an appearance in Storybrooke to find him? (Photo by ABC’s Jack Rowland)

Who is Greg talking to?: Greg has been communicating with someone from the Outside World about Storybrooke.  After discovering Regina using magic, Greg has stated that he will be staying around for a while longer.   It would be a matter of time until that person to comes to Storybrooke to look for Greg.  But who could it be:  Someone from Storybrooke’s past? A brand new character? Or a re-incarnated Maleficent?

If you missed the promo for “The Queen is Dead,” click here: http://youtu.be/jayKHM8FNqM

For more information about Once Upon A Time, visit their website: http://beta.abc.go.com/shows/once-upon-a-time


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