All eyes are on CeeLo as the Battle Rounds conclude on “The Voice”

CeeLo was the last coach to use his steal tonight! Which artist did he choose? (Photo property of NBC)

CeeLo was the last coach to use his steal tonight! Which artist did he choose? (Photo property of NBC)

By: Jacob Elyachar

The Battle Rounds…Are Over!

24 artists have received the chance of a lifetime to move forward and represent their superstar coaches (Adam Levine, Blake Shelton, CeeLo Green and Christina Aguilera) in the Knockout Rounds.  If they survive the Knockout Rounds, they will move on to the Live Rounds, where they will compete for a chance to win a recording contract with Universal Music Group.

In addition, eight artists have received a second chance to try their luck to win a spot in the Live Rounds.

But before we found out the complete roster of the Final 32…there were six more battles to decide.  In addition, there was also one more save! That save belonged to…CeeLo Green!

Who did CeeLo steal? Read on to find out…

Up first was Team CeeLo! The “Bright Lights Bigger City” singer paired Armed Forces veterans Shawn Smith and Jonny Gray.  CeeLo chose Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers’ “Refugee.”  The military men made the country proud as they left it all on the Battle Rounds stage.  I thought that Shawn owned this song! Adam believed in every single word that they sang but he chose Jonny and Blake chose his fellow singer.  Eventually, CeeLo chose Jonny but Shawn left with his head held high!

Adam’s final battle of the season belonged to two of his favorites Preston Pohl and Barry Black.  The  Maroon 5 frontman chose the Temptations’ “I Wish It Would Rain.” By listening to their voices, it seemed like both men were influenced by the Motown legends and are worthy heirs to the Redding, Robinson and Wonder vaults. They were evenly matched and each of them showcased terrific showmanship.   Adam decided to choose Preston and sent Barry home.

Christina had the honor of closing out the Battle Rounds for this season. Two of Christina’s most powerful voices (Olivia Henken and Stephanie Anne Johnson) tackled The Band Perry’s “DONE.”  While it looked like Olivia had the advantage because it was a country song, but Stephanie proved that she could handle anything the “Make The World Move” singer threw at her.  Olivia and Stephanie had the best battle of the night because they mastered spunk and made everyone dance.  Blake liked Olivia’s country approach but Adam and CeeLo liked Stephanie’s performance.

The final person on Team Christina was Olivia Henken. This made Stephanie Anne Johnson receive CeeLo’s final steal!

Going into next week’s Battle Rounds, here is how I ranked the teams:

  1. Team Christina (Amber Nicole, Jacquie Lee, Matthew Schuler, Josh Logan, Destinee Quinn, Olivia Henken, Will Champlin & Anthony Paul)
  1. Team Adam (Grey, Tessanne Chin, Ashley DuBose, James Irwin, James Wolpert, Preston Pohl, Juhi & Lina Gaudenzi)
  1. Team CeeLo (Caroline Pennell, Kat Robichaud, Cole Vosbury, George Horga, Jr., Jonny Gray, Tamara Chaunice, Monika Leigh & Stephanie Anne Johnson)
  1. Team Blake (Shelbie Z, E.G. Daily, Ray Boudreaux, Austin Jenckes, Holly Henry, Brandon Chase, Nic Hawk & Briana Cuoco)

Once, we get into the Live Shows…my rankings will be based on individual scoring!

Next week, the Knockout Rounds begin and there are four more steals!

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