Emma meets Peter Pan on “Once Upon A Time”

Emma and Peter Pan Once Upon A Time

Emma confronted Peter Pan for the first time on the third season of “Once Upon A Time.” (Photo property of ABC Studios)

By: Jacob Elyachar

Last week, Once Upon A Time returned to ABC airwaves to put a spell on its viewers.

As Storybrooke’s greatest heroes and villains arrived in Neverland…the in-fighting and bickering nearly torn them and the Jolly Roger apart.  However, the gang rallied Emma as she appointed herself leader of the uncanny group.   Meanwhile, Henry escaped Greg and Tamara, but unfortunately found himself in the clutches of Peter Pan.

Did Henry’s family get closer to rescuing him tonight? Read on to find out!

Mr. Gold started the night by ordering his shadow to hide his dagger from everyone including himself.   Just as Gold’s shadow floated throughout Neverland, Emma and company listened to Hook’s warnings about the dangers of the realm.  He also added that Pan was “the most treacherous villain” that he ever faced.

Meanwhile, the show transported its viewers back to the days of the Enchanted Forest.  Regina found out through her Magic Mirror that not only Snow White was alive but also found that her step-daughter and Charming plotted to take the kingdom back from her. The Evil Queen made her appearance with an offer Snow could not refuse: exile or the continued suffering of her subjects.

Back in present day, Emma could not sleep because of the cries of the lost children.  As she went on a walk, Peter Pan introduced himself to Emma and the Savior went straight to the jugular.  While Pan stated, “he was not disappointed,” the devilish boy told Emma that he was going to help her find her son.  Pan gave Emma a blank map and added that once Emma accepts what she really is, the map will appear and would lead straight to Henry.  Once she was reunited with the others, Snow assured her daughter that she could win Peter’s game.

In the Enchanted Forest, Charming visited Rumpelstiltskin to find a way to boost Snow’s confidence in beating Regina.   While the Dark One (off-camera) weaved a tale about the legendary sword Excalibur, his present-day self received a surprise visitor: Belle.

Mr. Gold thought that Pan was playing a trick on him, but his love revealed that he conjured a vision of her…that explained her appearance in Neverland.  Once Belle revealed that Storybrooke was safe, the heroine advised her lover to let go of the past and do not repeat the same mistakes his cowardly father did when he was a child.  The Dark One let go of the doll and dropped it in the ocean.

Back in the Enchanted Forest, Snow successfully pulled out Excalibur and told Regina that she will not back down and cut her stepmother in the face.  Angrily, the Evil Queen shouted: “See you on the battlefield” before transporting back to the Dark Palace.

It seemed like Regina’s temper still got the better of her, as she went against everyone’s wishes and put a locator spell on Pan’s map.  Once, they found Pan…there was no Henry in sight and they walked right into an ambush.  After a brief scrimmage, Pan taunted to them that he would tell Henry that they send their regards.

With Emma feeling down, Snow took this opportunity to continue to encourage her daughter to keep fighting…which lead to Emma to reveal a painful confession.  She was no hero or savior but an orphan who thought her parents did not care about her.  That confession was able to lift Pan’s hold on the parchment as it revealed Henry’s location.

As Emma gathered berries, Pan arrived to congratulate her on lifting the spell.  But, also forewarned her that Henry might not want to leave and that she might lose both of her parents before it is all over.

Next week, Tinker Bell makes her “Once Upon A Time” debut!



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