Jake’s Eye On… the 2013 Kansas City Fashion Week

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The 2013 Kansas City Fashion Week starts tomorrow! (Logo property of KCFW)

By: Jacob Elyachar

One of the Midwest’s biggest fashion events is almost here!

For three years, Kansas City Fashion Week has brought together designers, boutiques, photographers, stylists and artists to showcase why Kansas City is a valuable hub for fashionistas everywhere.

Here are some of the designers that you need to keep an eye on during this four-day event:

AC78: Perhaps the most talked about brand that will be appearing at Kansas City Fashion Week’s opening night spectacle is AC78.  Sporting Kansas City defender Aurelien Collin and his creative advisor Tom Paolini have been on a hot streak since their debut at this summer’s Major League Soccer All-Star Game.  I strongly believe their segment tomorrow night will be one of the highlights of the event.

House of Cochon: I had the privilege of seeing the House of Cochon’s designs at last year’s Fringe Festival.  Ms. Perry’s superb jewelry and accessories are very appealing and I cannot wait to see what she showcases at Friday’s show!  

Bridget Julia Couture: Another designer that will make heads spin is Bridget Julia Couture. Bridget’s muses for her line are film legend Audrey Hepburn and fashion icon Brigitte Bardot.  From what I seen from her website, I have high hopes that her designs brighten up Union Station.

christianMICHEAL: One designer that I am very impressed with is Christian M. Shuster.  His men’s wear collection is superb from start to finish and I think that he will definitely be a designer to watch on Saturday night.

BMD Designers: Brittany M. Davidson is returning to Kansas City to participate in this year’s Fashion Week.  Davidson (or BMD) specializes in both womenswear and wedding dresses.  It will be interesting to see how her line has evolved on Saturday night.

WHITNEYMANNEY: The final designer that I am very excited about is Ms. Whitney Manney.  This KC native and Kansas City Art Institute graduate’s appealing designs have been featured in multiple magazines and fashion blogs.  I am definitely excited to see her new designs on the runway tomorrow night!

For more information about Kansas City Fashion Week, visit the KC Fashion Week’s website: http://www.kcfashionweek.com/#!home/mainPage



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