New Music Releases: The Singles Edition! (Week of October 28, 2013)

By: Jacob Elyachar

The singles are taking over this week’s edition of New Music Releases!

Celine Dion and Ne-Yo duet

Celine Dion and Ne-Yo’s “Incredible” vocal chemistry will satisfy Adult Contemporary radio listeners. (Photo property of Rap-Up)

Incredible” by Celine Dion & Ne-Yo

One of my favorite female artists of all-time is Celine Dion.  Earlier this month, Ms. Dion previewed her duet with Ne-Yo called “Incredible” on her website.  They had terrific vocal chemistry together and this was definitely one of the best vocal collaborations of the year. I think music lovers will love playing this track over and over again! A

To watch Celine & Ne-Yo record this song, click here:

Venus” by Lady Gaga

Mother Monster released her third single off of her upcoming studio album: ARTPOP.  “Venus” is Lady Gaga’s first single that she ever produced by herself.  Gaga did a great job with the song’s production and this song could take radio stations by storm later on this year and early into 2014.  A-

 Eminem and Rihanna the Monster

The Detroit MC and Barbados beauty’s fourth collaboration is a brilliant piece of ear candy. (Song cover property of Aftermath, Shady & Interscope Records)

The Monster” by Eminem feat. Rihanna

This song marks the fourth collaboration between the Detroit MC and the Barbados beauty.  “The Monster” features superb raps from Slim Shady and lovely vocal hooks from the “What Now” singer.   If Eminem continues to release material like this, then The Marshall Mathers LP 2 will be the best Rap Album of 2013! A  (Cover property of Interscope Records)

“Breakfast Can Wait” by Prince

Prince transports music lovers to his diner of love in his latest release: “Breakfast Can Wait.” The Purple One infuses both his signature guitar licks and funky personality into this new single. I hope that rising musicians can take notes from the six-time Grammy Winner because Prince always releases quality material that takes music lovers to another level of musical nirvana. A+

 Flo Rida How I Feel single cover

Flo Rida’s latest single showcases that he is back in top form. (Song cover property of Atlantic Records)

How I Feel” by Flo Rida

Over the past couple months Flo Rida released subpar singles! However, I think he got his groove back when he released “How I Feel.” I like that he used the classic standard “Feeling Good” as the centerpiece of the song and had two singers trading its verses.  Flo dropped great beats and I think that “How I Feel” can save his upcoming album.  B

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