Tinker Bell makes her “Once Upon A Time” debut

inker Bell Once Upon A Time

Tinker Bell’s friendship with Regina cost her everything. Did she seek out revenge tonight? (Photo property of ABC Medianet)

By: Jacob Elyachar

So far this season…Emma and her uncanny crew of heroes have met the vicious Peter Pan in Neverland.

But wherever there is Peter Pan…Tinker Bell is always near by! The pixie made her appearance tonight in the Once Upon A Time universe! Is she good or evil? Read on to find out!

Before the audience met Tinker Bell, Emma and company were traveling through the Neverland forest to save Henry by using the map Pan gave her.  Unfortunately, Pan kept moving camp and had designs on using Henry as target practice.   While the quintet were lost without a clue, Hook suggested to seek out Tinker Bell but Regina advised them to not to look for her.

Regina had a good reason to not trust Tinker Bell because she met her before in the Enchanted Forest, the Queen accidentally fell from her tower bedroom but was rescued by Tinker Bell, who offered to help her find her true love.  Unfortunately, the Blue Fairy told Tinker about Regina’s family and ties to the dark side and forbidden her to help and grounded her.

However, Tinker did not listen to the elder fairy and began a search for Regina’s latest love.  Using pixie dust, Tinker transported Regina and herself to an unknown bar to meet her Prince Charming.  Regina was too afraid to meet the guy (who sported a lion tattoo) and raced out of the bar.  Little did Regina know that Tinker Bell set her up with Robin Hood.

After the revelation, the show flash-forward to Neverland where Tinker knocked out Regina by using poppies.  Regina realized her old acquaintance lost her powers for helping her and wanted revenge.  So she decided to temp Tinker with the chance to crush her own dark heart.   The former fairy decided that she would not kill the Evil Queen, but also added that she will not help her find Henry either.  Luckily, when Emma and Snow reasoned with her, the former fairy changed her tune.

Meanwhile, Neal needed to get back to Neverland.  Back in his father’s old castle, Neal along with Robin Hood and Mulan plotted to get the Dark One’s son to Neverland.  By using Robin Hood’s son as bait, the trio was successful to getting Pan’s shadow to appear.  As it grabbed Robin’s son, Mulan injured it and Neal grabbed onto the sinister shadow, which transported him back to Neverland.   As he experienced a rough landing, Pan’s sinister assistant, Felix, gleefully welcomed him back.

Next week, Pan tries to make Henry embrace his destiny as the savior of all magic.  Can Henry’s family rescue him before its too late?

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