Jake’s Take On…The Five Reasons Why Will Champlin Should Win “The Voice”

Will Champlin The Voice

Attention “Voice” fans! Here are five reasons why Will Champlin should win “The Voice: Season Five”! (Photo property of NBC’s Trae Patton)

By: Jacob Elyachar, jakes-take.com

On Monday, three astonishing singers will duke it out one more time to become the winner of The Voice: Season Five!

While Jacquie Lee and Tessanne Chin are undeniably superb vocalists, there is one man that has fought harder than anyone to get to this season’s finale…and that man’s name is Will Champlin!

Here are five reasons why Will should win this season:

1. He’s diverse

In order to succeed in the modern-day music industry, artists must be diverse! Since his Blind Audition, I have not seen a male artist go from Gavin DeGraw’s “Not Over You” to the late Etta James’ “At Last” in the show’s history! Will’s ability to show off his vocal range by tackling numerous genres should definitely give him an edge over the other contestants!

2. He’s bold

A majority of Will’s songs were played heavily on the radio this year! It is easy to just copy the arrangements of “Secrets,” “Demons” and “Hey Brother,” but Will boldly infused his own twists to each of these Top 40 hits.   From briefly pounding the piano on the Ryan Tedder penned anthem to strumming on the banjo during Avicii’s club hit, Will’s bold choices have always made him a standout contestant!

3. He’s marketable!

In the post-Mumford and Sheeran world, a lot of music buyers are embracing WGWG (white guy with guitar).  Now unlike some past winners in the Reality TV genre (do the names Scotty McCreery or Lee DeWyze ring a bell?), Will’s determination to balance entertainment and make his Champs think will not only be beneficial in to win this competition but also in the music industry!

4. He’s a survivor!

In the world of reality television, the word “survivor” automatically is associated with Jeff Probst and Survivor, however…Will Champlin perfectly defines “survivor.” In both the Battle and Knockout Rounds, he proved that he could go toe-to-toe with the best of them. Even though he lost, he proved to both Christina and Adam that he was a necessity for their respective teams to have!

5. He’s a fan favorite!

Will’s determination, personality and performances have made him a fan-favorite! While 10 contestants (including both his Battle and Knockout Round opponents) needed the Twitter Instant Save, Will sailed through each Live Show round due to your votes! In addition, he remains the only contestant in the competition to land iTunes’ Top 10 Singles twice! If his Champs keep up with their voting, then the title of Season Five Winner will go to Will!

To learn more about how you can support Will, visit “The Voice” website: http://www.nbc.com/the-voice/


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