It’s Hot Dog night on “Rachael vs. Guy: Celebrity Cook-Off”

After losing Chris Kattan earlier on this season, one of Team Guy's remaining celebrities was eliminated tonight. Who was it? (Photo property of the Food Network)

After losing Chris Kattan earlier on this season, one of Team Guy’s remaining celebrities was eliminated tonight. Who was it? (Photo property of the Food Network)

By: Jacob Elyachar,

Hot dogs! Get your hot dogs here!

Tonight the Final Five celebrities (Vanilla Ice, Herschel Walker, Tiffany, Penn Jillette and Florence Henderson) traveled to Coney Island for the latest set of challenges that Rachael and Guy threw at them.

So who rose to the occasion? Who made it to the Final Four? Read on to find out!

The first challenge that the celebrities had to face was to create their own fries!  The celebrity who created the best fries would receive a 10-minute advantage with the hot dog making challenge.

Vanilla Ice decided to bring the heat with his ninja sticks Buffalo style! Penn decided to fly by the seat of his pants by creating his French Onion-infused Disco fries.

Meanwhile, Florence began to capture everything that she loved about New York by going outside the box and created everything bagel fries!  However, she had trouble making her toppings stay on the fries.  But she was not the only celebrity that had problems creating their dish, as Tiffany had to only use Italian sausage and pepperoni, due to not having enough Italian meats with her dishes.

However, her conundrum turned into a victory as guest judge Amanda Freitag awarded her the 10-minute advantage in the hot dog making challenge.  While the other celebrities had to cool their heels, Tiffany began to develop her Jamaican-inspired hot dog that included an impeccable tropical salsa.

This hot dog making challenge tested the relationships between the coaches and their celebrities to the test.   Penn Jillette wanted to honor his background by combing the best of both worlds by bringing New England flavors into carny food.  He butted heads with Rachael with his batter. However, once the perky talk show host dipped it into maple syrup …she backed off.

While Guy reeled in Vanilla Ice for screwing around, Herschel Walker and Florence Henderson honored their roots and friends respectively with their dogs.  The former NFL superstar created an All-American hot dog that featured beer, bacon and hamburger meat.  Meanwhile, Florence paid homage to eliminated teammate Judy Gold by creating a kosher deli-styled hot dog.

All five celebrities received strong comments from both customers and the judges.  However, Chef Freitag was in the hot seat because she had to decide which team won the challenge and who was heading into the finale. She awarded Team Rachael with the win and Florence Henderson with the MVP award! However, fan-favorite contestant Vanilla Ice was eliminated right before the finale!

The Final Four are Team Rachael’s Florence Henderson and Penn Jillette vs. Team Guy’s Hershel Walker and Tiffany!

Next week, the Final Four duke it out for $50,000 to their charity! They must create a three-course meal for an all-star group of judges!




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