Randy Jackson returns as the “American Idol XIII” ladies experience Rush Week

Randy Jackson returned to "American Idol" as their new In-House mentor and coached the "Idol" contestants to Top 13 glory. (Photo property of 19 Entertainment, FremantleMedia North America & FOX)

Randy Jackson returned to “American Idol” as their new In-House mentor and coached the “Idol” contestants to Top 13 glory. (Photo property of 19 Entertainment, FremantleMedia North America & FOX)

By: Jacob Elyachar, jakes-take.com

Out of the thousands of hopefuls that tried out…only 31 artists are still standing and  ready for America’s votes.

However, before they got to sing one note…the judges (Harry Connick, Jr., Jennifer Lopez and Keith Urban) eliminated five boys and five girls from the competition.

So who went home early and who sang for America’s votes? Read on to find out…

Before we get down to business…Jake’s Take wants to give a huge welcome back to Idol veteran Randy Jackson, who took over as the show’s In-House Mentor, after Jimmy Iovine left the post at the end of the 12th season. After receiving a standing ovation, Randy talked about how each of the contestants grown since we last saw them in Hollywood Week.

Let’s get back to business, the judges called out 10 girls that they selected who would have the chance to compete for America’s votes.  Jennifer selected Majesty Rose to be the first girl to sing tonight.  She covered “Get Happy” by Pharrell Williams and perked up the room with her smooth notes.  Jennifer commented her kick-off performance and Harry stated that Majesty passed the Idol test with flying colors. B+

Harry Connick, Jr. sent nurse Kristen O’ Conner into a frenzy as the judges selected her to be the second girl to come forward.  During her rehearsal, she told Randy that her song choice was “Turing Tables.” Randy warned her that it was a huge song and wanted her to emote her feelings to the audience.  Kristen has a huge voice but she did not need to insert a lot of vocal runs into the Adele hit.  Keith commented on her killer range, while Jennifer pictured her recording records.  I think a Wild Card spot might be in her future. B

The third girl to exit the Chamber and entered the Idol arena was two-time returning contestant Briana Oakley. As her family beamed with pride, she tackled Demi Lovato’s “Warrior.” I believed every word in the song and I think she solidified her position in the competition. While J.Lo reminder her of a young Whitney Houston, Harry warned her not to go for the big notes and likened them to triple axels.  Best vocal of the night…so far! A-

J.Lo selected Jena Irene (Asciutto) as the fourth girl to sing! During the training, guest mentor Chris Daughtry told her to work on her confidence.  While his advice paid off, Jena’s cover of The Rolling Stones’ “Paint It Black” was too screechy and shrilled at parts.  When Harry asked her for her definition of a song, she went on a rant. As much as I liked her previous performances, she’s no Allison Iraheta, Haley Reinhart or Elise Testone.  C+

One contestant that I did not expect to see tonight was Bria Anai. I thought that she did not standout during Hollywood Week. She shouted her way through her cover of Melanie Fiona’s “Wrong Side of A Love Song” and I agreed with Harry (who received his first “Boo!” of the season) with the fact that there was a fine line between shouting and singing. I do not think we are her sing next week. C-

Keith Urban selected Marrielle Sellers to sing…which was a horrible choice! She did not listen to guest mentor Adam Lambert and not rush it! It was a train wreck and I thought I was watching “Amateur Night at the Apollo” not American Idol and it was a waste of a spot! D+

Somewhere a wicked stage mother is screaming at the top of her lungs: “NO!!!!!!!! NOT HER!!!!” as her archenemy, Jessica Meuse, took the stage.  I agree with Jennifer that Jessica’s country tone as a place in the competition but at times, it was a little boring.  However, I think she could be the next Reba.  B

I am sorry, Emily Prinz…but there is one woman who could capture the essence of “Paris (Ooh La La)” and her name is Amanda Brown. ANOTHER WASTE OF A SPOT! D+

Finally, the judges made the right call and gave M.K. Nobilette her chance to shine! Her cover of John Legend’s “All of Me” gave me chills and the Swaybots were gleefully activated! Keith stated that it was the perfect song choice for her and Harry added that she belonged on the Idol stage! I hope America votes her into the Top 13! A

The last two results of the evening did not sit well with me…America; Ben Briley should have not been voted through America! Good luck, Neco Starr! I also thought that Malaya Watson should not have been picked for a spot! Her vocals are untamable and she will drown in this show!  F

I wish that Jillian, Kenzie and Brandy were featured in this line-up….outside of Jessica, M.K., Majesty and Briana…we have the weakest group of girls ever assembled on “Idol”

Tomorrow night, the guys try their luck!

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