“American Idol XIII” goes to the movies!

The "American Idol XIII" Top 11 take on songs from the movies on this week's edition of "American Idol." (Photo property of 19 Entertainment, FremantleMedia North America & FOX)

The “American Idol XIII” Top 11 take on songs from the movies on this week’s edition of “American Idol.” (Photo property of 19 Entertainment, FremantleMedia North America & FOX)

By: Jacob Elyachar, jakes-take.com

So far this season, this Top 11 has been…meh!

There are only a few standout players that have impressed me.

Where are the Haley Reinharts, Jessica Sanchezes and Candice Glovers? What happened to Adam Lamberts or Joshua Ledets? Overall, this group just seems to bland for my taste.

I am very glad that the judges (Harry Connick, Jr., Jennifer Lopez and Keith Urban) have been passing constructive criticism this season.  I hope that they continue to do so this season.  I remember watching last week and hearing J.Lo (of all people) state: “We ARE looking for SUPERSTAR PERFORMANCES!”

Did the Top 11 deliver superstar performances?  Read on to find out….

Sam Woolf chose The Beatles’ “Come Together” from Across the Universe. First of all, the rhythm was way off. His vocals were all over the place.  While I commend him for breaking away from his guitar, I think he needs a little more umph to his performances. If you want to watch a great performance, watch Crystal Bowersox’s cover of it. C+

For the past couple of weeks, Jessica Meuse has been the judges’ punching bag and it has ticked off a lot of viewers. The moment that she opened up her mouth, she caught my attention and gave me chills! This was her personal best and I would download this song immediately on iTunes.  A-

C.J. Harris has been on a downward slide since the Live Shows began. However, he slowly began to regain momentum with his cover of the Marshall Tucker Band’s “Can’t You See.” His vocals were solid and he was in sync with the band! Like Keith said: “I know exactly who you are.”  Jennifer also mouthed the word: “frontrunner.” Welcome back to the competition, C.J.! B

When an Idol contestant tackles “Sweet Home Alabama,” they have to live up to Bo Bice & Lynyrd Skynard’s epic collaboration.  In all honesty, I thought that Dexter Roberts’ cover was a plan joke! It was average as hell and karaoke-to-the-T.  Can we please just vote him off, America? D+

Three years ago, Haley Reinhart slayed “Bennie and the Jets” during American Idol: Season 10. Ben Briley had a lot to live up to…and unfortunately, his performance did not move me. His vocal range was unappealing and his falsetto made me want to cover my ears! HORRIBLE MESS!!!! F

Can we please give the American Idol XIII crown to Majesty Rose already? Her cover of Idina Menzel’s “Let It Go” was outstanding and I loved her showmanship.  This was one of her best performances and she has a career after this show. A

One of the biggest surprises of the night was Caleb Johnson’s cover of “Skyfall.” I am so happy that Caleb stepped up his game by tackling an Adele song! It was fantastic to hear his upper register and this performance left Jennifer Lopez (for the first time in her three seasons as an Idol judge…SPEECHLESS). I hope that Caleb records a duet with Amber Carrington after the show because they would take “Skyfall” to another level of epicness. A

MK Nobilette just returned to American Idol in a huge way.  Her cover of Bob Dylan’s “Make You Feel My Love” was pure vocal nirvana. MK hit every note in that song and her delivery hit the audience like a ton of bricks. It was pure brilliance and it gave me one big goose bump!  Please vote her through, America! A-

It has been a few seasons since “Falling Slowly” graced the American Idol stage. Tonight, Alex Preston brought the song to the stage.  I wished that Alex invited Allison Iraheta on stage to sing the song with him.  Their combined vocals would be insane! However, Alex’s performance was a little awkward to watch because “Falling Slowly” is a duet and not a solo song. B-

Jena Irene fought her way out of Bottom Three with her cover of Paramore’s “Decode.” Her cover showcased amazing beautiful piano playing and outstanding vocals.  I hope she does not go to the Bottom Three again this week because she was outstanding! A

Malaya Watson closed the show with a cover of Jennifer Hudson’s “I Am Changing.” I am so glad that she did not run around the stage as a nervous Nellie! She began to evolve as a singer and I hope she continues to grow each and every week. B+

Tomorrow night, Harry Connick, Jr. and Mali Music provide the entertainment!

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