Rapunzel makes her “OUAT” debut while Wicked schemes

Charming assisted Rapunzel with facing her fears on the latest edition of "Once Upon A Time." (Photo property of ABC)

Charming assisted Rapunzel with facing her fears on the latest edition of “Once Upon A Time.” (Photo property of ABC)

By: Jacob Elyachar, jakes-take.com

The Wicked Witch of the West has invaded Storybrooke!

Zelena recently dropped a huge bombshell…she is Regina’s half-sister! In addition, she claimed that two of the series’ greatest evils: Cora (her mother) and Rumpelstiltskin abandoned her.  In addition, she is also responsible for taking away the Storybrooke residents’ memories.

However, she also holds a wild card…a reincarnated Mr. Gold, who is slowly deteriorating to his “Dark One” persona.

Were Regina and the Charmings able to stop the Witch? Read on to find out…

The show started off in the Enchanted Forest as Charming suffered a nightmare…that focused on him abandoning Emma, due to Regina’s curse. As the dream ended, Emma stated: “Don’t Forget the Next One.”  The cryptic clue led to Snow happily announcing that she was pregnant with their second child.  While Charming announced that he was “happy,” he panicked.

Charming shared his concerns with Robin Hood in the Evil Queen’s stables. The outlaw recommended that the Prince go after a herb called knight root, which would help him ease his fears.  After traveling to the Sherwood Forest, David found the root…but heard a desperate cry for help in a tower.  There, he met Rapunzel.

The princess stated that after looking for the fabled root, she could not leave the tower…due to a mysterious hooded figure that the longhaired princess claimed was a witch. However, it was really her fear! As the hooded figure scaled and invaded the tower, David told Rapunzel that she faced her fears by fighting it.  After cutting her long hair, she was able to kill the figure and Charming was able to reunite Rapunzel with her family.

In Storybrooke, Hook, Regina and the Charmings began drawing out a battle plan on how to handle the Wicked Witch. While Regina kept an eye on Henry; Emma, Hook and Charming returned to the Evil Queen’s office to find more intel on the intruder.  As the Charmings were looking for the Oz villainess, Zelena visited her captive, Mr. Gold and shaved him using his own dagger.

Using a little bit of Rumple’s blood, Zelena traveled to the Pawn Shop and asked Belle for a baby gift for the Charmings. As Mr. Gold’s girlfriend grabbed the gift, the Witch froze her and used Gold’s blood to break the Blood Lock and obtained the knight root and headed straight to meet the Charmings.

Once Charming returned from Regina’s office, he helped Snow welcome Zelena into their home and the “mid-wife” did her first job for them: making tea.  However, she spiked Charming’s teacup with knight root dust.  Once, he exited the apartment…he headed back into the woods to catch up with Emma and Hook.

However, the same hooded figure began to stalk Charming and confronted him. Charming was successful in facing his fears and defeated the demon. But, once the demon exploded…his sword disappeared in green smoke and became Zelena’s property.

With Regina’s assistance, Emma, Charming and Hook were able to track down Zelena’s farmhouse and looked inside the storm shelter…where they found Rumple’s spinning wheel and golden straw!

Next week, Rumple is on the run! Will he reunite with Belle?

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