“The Voice: Season Six” Battle Rounds turns up the heat

Usher and Jill Scott were an incredible team during "The Voice: Season Six" Battle Rounds. (Photo property of NBC)

Usher and Jill Scott were an incredible team during “The Voice: Season Six” Battle Rounds. (Photo property of NBC)

By: Jacob Elyachar, jakes-take.com

Last night, The Voice began its sixth edition of the Battle Rounds.

Before we get to the fun…here is where the teams stand:

Team Adam: Kat Perkins & Jake Barker (Stolen)

Team Blake: Jake Worthington, Sisaundra Lewis & Biff Gore (Stolen)

Team Shakira: Dani Moz & Patrick Thomson (Stolen)

Team Usher: T.J. Wilkins & Stevie Jo

Tonight, both Shakira and Usher had two battles…while both Voice stalwarts (Adam and Blake) each had one battle.

Which of the artists shined? Who was stolen? Read on to find out!

Team Shakira started the night off in a battle of rockers as Jeremy Briggs squared off against Clarissa Serna. The “Loca” singer assigned Foreigner’s “Cold of Ice.” During their final rehearsals, their harmonies were rough and Miranda noted that they had problems with their vocal chemistry. When it came to the battle, both of them were in a theatrical tennis match as they tore through the classic rock anthem. While Usher advised Shakira to move Jeremy forward, she decided to side with Adam and Blake to move Clarissa forward to the Knockout Rounds.

Adam’s only battle of the night put Caleb Elder and Delvin Choice against each other. Just as the Maroon 5 singer stated in the pre-performance package, he said that both guys were as different as they came: “power  (Delvin) vs. gravel (Caleb).” The guys had a tough test ahead of them…tackling Aloe’s hit: “The Man.” Aloe stated that if the artists did their homework and study their rhythms, they would amaze everyone.  However, both Adam and Aloe were disappointed with the artists during the final rehearsal.

In order to get them back in the race, Adam and Aloe had Delvin and Caleb train as rappers. The training paid off as both guys improved and made everyone smile during the battle.  All three coaches gave them positive feedback and recommended Adam take Delvin to the next round (which he did).

During the show’s montages, Blake, Shakira and Usher chose Megan Ruger, Ddendyl and Morgan Wallen respectfully.

The final battle of the night belonged to Brittnee Camelle and Melissa Jimenez. The ladies were tasked to tackle Melanie Fiona.  During the first rehearsal, Jill advised Brittnee to put her walls down and “don’t choose attitude!” Usher also advised the ladies to not step over each other.  In fact, Usher confessed that he did not want to see this battle devolve into a catfight.  Both ladies showed sass, fiery vocals and showmanship that gave everyone chills.  Usher decided to keep Melissa while Adam and Shakira fought for Brittnee.  But Adam fought harder and used his last steal on Brittnee.

Next week, the Battle Rounds continue! Will Usher use his two steals in the next week?


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