Sneaky Shelton makes the Final Steal of “The Voice: Season Six”

Blake Shelton The Voice Season Six

The three-time winning “Voice” coach had the final steal of the Battle Rounds. Who did he steal? (Photo property of NBC)

By: Jacob Elyachar,

This is it!

Tonight marked the final night of Battles, Round Two and the power was in Blake Shelton’s hands.

Who did the three-time winning coach steal? Which fan-favorite artists will be heading to the Live Playoffs? Read on to find out…

Before we get down to business, here is where our teams stand:

Team Adam: Christina Grimmie, Delvin Choice & Morgan Wallen (Stolen from Team Usher)

Team Shakira: Patrick Thomson, Deja Hall, Kristen Merlin & Tess Boyer (Stolen from Team Blake)

Team Usher: T.J. Wilkins, Stevie Jo & Josh Kaufman (Stolen from Team Adam)

Team Blake: Audra McLaughlin, Jake Worthington & Sisaundra Lewis

Team Shakira kicked off the final night of battles with powerhouse singers Dani Moz and Clarissa Serna. They tackled P!nk’s “Perfect.” During their final rehearsal, guest advisor Chris Martin told the girls to sing it to the person in the back of the room. Shakira hoped that the girls used exact rhythmic precision on this song. In my honest opinion, I thought Clarissa blew Dani out of the water.  However, the “Empire” singer chose otherwise.

The Maroon 5 singer chose two of his favorites, Kat Perkins and Dawn & Hawkes, to sing against each other! The trio tackled K.T. Turnstall’s “Suddenly I See.” During their rehearsals, the trio had problems with the arrangement of the song until Adam and Chris Martin switched up the melody. While this was a Battle Round, I thought they sounded great together.  However, the coaches were impressed with Kat Perkins’ voice over Dawn and Hawkes’ sound.   (In all honesty, I wished that Blake used his steal with them…they had so much more potential than Kat…who is easily going to be eliminated immediately from the competition.)

Usher’s first battle of the night was Melissa “M.J.” Jimenez versus Music Boxx. The “Scream” singer paired both women together because they represented different ends of the spectrum.The “Scream” singer paired both women together because they represented different ends of the spectrum. In all honesty, this was one of the best battles of the season.  I loved the intensity that both M.J. and Music showed while they tackled Alicia Keys’ powerful anthem: “Girl on Fire.”  Thank you ladies for bringing me to my feet! I am very happy that Melissa will be representing Team Usher in the Live Rounds!

Blake’s final pair of the round was two of his four-chair-turns: Kaleigh Glanton and Ryan Whyte Maloney.  I thought that both of them made a great decision when they chose Rascal Flatts and Natasha Bedingfield’s “Easy.” During their rehearsal with Blake and Chris, it seemed like both of them needed to avoid their nervous energy.  I got chills listening to this performance. I am happy that Ryan moved forward and Kaleigh, you made Kansas proud!!!!

Adam’s final battle of the evening was a battle of Team Adam castoffs! The two-time Voice winner chose Brittnee Camelle and Jake Barker to compete for the final spot on his team.  Their song, Usher’s “Climax,” was a huge risk for both of them. With Brittnee, I thought at parts of this song I heard Whitney Houston re-incarnated. As for Jake, he continued to improve with his stage presence and vocals by showing off his falsetto. I look forward to see him grow during the live shows.

The final battle of Voice: Season Six was Team Usher’s Bria Kelly and Madilyn James. Both of them are the show’s youngest contestants and have two of the most intriguing vocalists. I am glad that both Usher and Chris Martin took the girls aside and instructed the girls to harness their voices in the proper way.   Both Bria and Madilyn were in their elements when they performed the Pretenders’ “I’ll Stand By You.” However, while Usher chose Bria and Blake (finally) stole Madilyn James, I felt that their battle was so subpar compared to Amber Riley’s tour-de-force cover of the song on Glee, which was shown earlier this television season.

Tomorrow night, The Top 20 take the stage for the first time!

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