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Summer Mast earned her Diva Bikini Pro card at the WBFF US Central Show! (Photo courtesy of Summer Mast & the WBFF)

By: Jacob Elyachar,

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Part two of my special WBFF Pro series continues with the one and only Summer Mast!

The newly minted Diva Bikini Model began her WBFF journey in Boston and her fiery determination brought her to the Arvest Bank Theatre, where she completed her two-year quest to get her Pro card.

In her “Five Question Challenge,” Summer talked about the public’s misconceptions of Diva Bikini Models and shared a tip on how she got ready for this year’s show!

Jacob Elyachar: Summer, why did you decide to compete with the WBFF?

Summer Mast: I chose the WBFF because it truly is the BEST of the BEST!!  I had been to shows before and was not that impressed.  They lacked the enthusiasm, creativity and the WOW factor that the WBFF has!  I love the atmosphere, the beautiful suits, theme wear and the competitors! The competitors are top-notch!

JE: What are some of the biggest misconceptions that the public has about Diva Bikini Models?

SM: From my personal experience there are many misconceptions about Diva Bikini Models.  I often hear that we obviously do not eat or that we must spend countless hours in the gym in order to look like we do, and that we do not have to train as hard as the other competitive divisions out there.  Both of these statements could not be further from the truth!  I eat a lot of food and I enjoy doing it!  I do spend time in the gym, but I have learned to train smarter not harder.  It is all about listening to your body and finding a healthy balance.  Once you figure what works best for you diet and nutrition wise you are able to build from that.  As far as other divisions training harder than diva bikini divas, we both train hard and it is just that we have different ways of training to prep our bodies.

JE: Your category, the Diva Bikini Models, is one of the most competitive categories at any WBFF event. If you could describe this year’s group of competitors in three words, what words would you choose and why?

SM: Fun, fierce & passionate!  The Kansas City show, aside from the World Championships, was by far the best show that I have competed in and a lot of that was thanks to the competitors.  All of the ladies in my division, Diva Bikini Models, were so much fun!  There was a lot of love and laughter back stage and I think that is so important to have in these events. Everyone is already nervous and to be able to just let loose and enjoy the event after months of training with people who understand your journey is wonderful.  On stage, all of these ladies brought their A-games!  They let out their “Sasha Fierce” on stage and their passion for this sport shines through!  I believe that in order to shine on stage you need to create a sort of alter ego.  You have to step outside of who you “normally” are and allow yourself to be someone else on stage.  This itself takes training and I know that all competitors spend time prepping for their stage presence.  Each and every one of the girls in my division were fierce and passionate about competing and it shines through on stage!

JE: Could you please share a fitness tip with my readers that helped you prepare for the show?

SM: The thing that I found that helped me prepare for this show is BALANCE.  I do not personally train on-season/off-season.  I train all season and that means that I must have balance between with my diet, training and daily life.  I have seen people who do the on-season/off-season thing and many seem to struggle with this.  It is so unhealthy to diet down several times a year only to pack on 15 lbs. after a show.  If you learn the balance of proper nutrition and training throughout your normal daily life then you are consistently able to be photo shoot or show ready with just a few adjustments to things a week or so out.  There is no need for extreme anything.

JE: What is your next chapter in your fitness journey?

SM: I am very excited to expand on my business, Summer Mast Fitness.  I specialize in online nutritional guidance and training for competitors (SMF Divas) as well as those who are looking to live a healthy balanced lifestyle.  I am also looking forward to stepping on the WBFF stage as a Diva Bikini Model Pro!  This is an elite class of women and I am honored to be able to share the stage with them!

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