The Five Question Challenge with Dreamers

Dreamers New York band

Nick Wold, Chris Bagamery and Nelson are ready to take over the music world. (Photo property of Dreamers)

By: Jacob Elyachar,

I am very excited to introduce the Brooklyn-based band Dreamers to you!

Nick Wold, Chris Bagamery and Nelson are a trio of grunge rockers that brilliantly combine avant-garde eccentricity and the late 1970s punk scene. The trio is currently working on their upcoming debut album, This Album Doesn’t Exist, which will drop on November 17.

Their first single, “Wolves,” caught the attention of Interview Magazine, MTV2 and the New York Times. In addition, Dreamers have opened for Indie rock groups Bear Hands and the Vaccines.

In their Five Question Challenge, the trio opened up about their songwriting process and discussed the role social media has played in the trio’s

Jacob Elyachar: Could you please share Dreamers’ origin story?

Nick Wold: We all awoke on a giant spinning ball in a seemingly endless black void with no explanation of the scenario.  Everyone who was already here explained that they just awoke here too, and so did everyone before them.  It is not so bad actually, it’s warm in the summer and there’s plenty of oxygen.  More specifically, Chris and I grew up together in a place called Seattle.  We were in a band called ‘Motive’ in Brooklyn for several years until we were joined by Nelson (who hails from Maryland), and metamorphosed into our new project: DREAMERS.

JE: How long does it take the band to create a song from conception to release?

Chris Bagamery: When I think back, it all seems instantaneous.  Time is a weird thing that way.  Truthfully, it varies a ton from song to song.  Some songs we sat down to write and they poured out easily.  Others songs’ conception literally came from dreams. Others were years old demos that we revived and tweaked to death.  Then, we do some recording, mixing, mastering and record music videos.  I think it really takes a lifetime to do it right.

JE: What are some of the challenges that Digital Generation artists face in the ever-evolving music industry? How does Dreamers plan to overcome them?

Nelson: To us, there are no such things as challenges.  Playing music is a luxury and a joy, and you have to look at every challenge as an opportunity to figure it out and grow.  It is always been difficult to make great music and get it heard, it is just the mediums through which it gets heard that are changing.  Technology is here to stay, and we definitely try to embrace it and use its power for good. Everyone in the world is now connected through the Internet, and it is actually easier than ever to produce music and images.  Now, we just try to make sure that everything we do is cosmic, and genuine. We try to do anything we can to shock the system and wake others and ourselves from the normal distraction of daily life.  People seem to recognize and respond to that.

JE: How has social media helped Dreamers with your career so far?

NW: It has helped us reach more fans and we are able to get immediate feedback. Instantaneous results. Post a song and see how people react to it. The immediate interaction has pushed us to work harder on our craft.  We are able to get songs premiered, features, live sessions and et cetera posted constantly helping us to get our dream machine heard.   It only helps to have all the world’s information at your fingertips.  Want to learn how to shoot and edit video? Google it. Want to listen to all the new and old music to get inspired, Spotify it. It is all out there and easily accessible, it is just up to us to use it.

JE: What is the next phase of Dreamers’ musical journey?

CB: What is next is what always was. We will continue writing music, making video and strange visual journeys online.  We will be playing live soon in New York and elsewhere while plummeting around the sun. And then we will get some sleep.  See you soon!

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