Moraru, Emily West and Sons of Serendip deliver on packed “AGT” Semifinals

Andrey Moraru gave an amazing performance that might put him in the "AGT" Final 12! (Photo property of NBC)

Andrey Moraru gave an amazing performance that might put him in the “AGT” Final 12! (Photo property of NBC)

By: Jacob Elyachar,

Tonight, 12 of the rising stars in the talent world faced the Radio City Music Hall audience for the second time!

Who impressed the judges (Howie Mandel, Mel B, Heidi Klum and Howard Stern) and the audience? Read on to find out:

Flight Crew Jump Rope: Heidi brought back the Flight Crew Jump Rope crew because they bring the energy every time they perform. They had superb stunts and expanded upon their act by adding background dancers. Their fancy footwork received a standing ovation from Heidi, Mel B and the entire Radio City Music Hall. While Howie stated they had several mess-ups, I thought they redeemed themselves. B+

Mara Justine: Mara Justine had no business being in the Semifinals! I rather had an encore performance from the highly superior Acte II or Anna Clendening. All I see and hear is a whiny brat who is trying to be Kelly Clarkson. She was very shaky and pitchy throughout the beginning and middle of the song. I would have pulled a Piers and buzzed her in the middle of the performance. D

Bad Boys of Ballet: Scary Spice brought back the Bad Boys of Ballet from the brink of the elimination! The group wanted to pull on a ballet rock concert. I thought they had great choreography and they filled the stage with their energy! I disagree with Howard completely and I think that this group would be excellent interpreters of Mia Michaels, Wade Robson and Travis Wall’s choreography! A-

Paul Ieti: America’s favorite singing soldier returned to the Radio City Music Hall stage. He is a positive role model that this country needs. However, Paul was destroying my favorite Backstreet Boys song of all-time: “I Want It That Way.” He was off-key and it was a horrible listening experience. C-

Mike Super: Howie has made some stupid decisions before…but never this stupid! While I liked his approach of straight up magic, he did not entertain me until the end of the act. He needed to improve on his timing! C+

Andrey Moraru: Andrey Moraru remains this season’s best hand balancing act! He added a little contortion to his act and he excelled with his movements. If he does not make it to the finale, there is no justice! A+

Miguel Dakota: The problem I have with Miguel Dakota is that he is an average singer! We are at the semifinals stage in the competition and average will not cut it anymore. I am sorry but Rising Star winner Jesse Kinch leaves Miguel in the dust with his cover of “Seven Nation Army” and I would have pulled a Piers and buzzed in the chorus. D

Sons of Serendip delivered another stellar performance with their cover of "Don't You Worry Child." (Photo property of NBC)

Sons of Serendip delivered another stellar performance with their cover of “Don’t You Worry Child.” (Photo property of NBC)

Sons of Serendip: While Miguel and Mara need more polishing and had no business being on the Radio City Music Hall, the Sons of Serendip are ready to conquer the world! Their cover of Swedish House Mafia’s “Don’t You Worry Child” gave me goose bumps and almost made me cry. They have become one of my favorite bands to have ever appeared on this show! A

David & Leeman: I love seeing David & Leeman together! However, they decided to risk it all and dedicate their next trick to Heidi Klum! They buzzed Howard, Howie and Mel B’s buzzers. The duo also put an spike into a bag and wanted the three judges to smash a bag and they left me on the edge of my seat. Best magic act of the night! A-

Dan Naturman: It was a bad idea for Dan to remind everyone why a comedian has not won on the show! His material dealt with foreign languages and blindness. While I laughed, I thought that he was very speedy with his delivery and needed to slow down! B-

Emily West AGT

Emily West closed the show with a haunting cover of Queen’s “Who Wants to Live Forever.” (Photo property of NBC)

Emily West: Emily West closed the show tonight! I remember watching Barbara Padilla and Alice Tan Ridley blossom on their seasons and I believe that Emily is on their caliber of excellence. Within the first few notes of her cover of “Who Wants to Live Forever,” I got chills. If Emily does not get a new recording contract after this show, there is no justice! A+

Acts I enjoyed: Aerial Animation, Andrey Moraru, Bad Boys of Ballet, David & Leeman, Emily West & Sons of Serendip.

Tomorrow night, superstar Ariana Grande provides the entertainment as we found out…who made it to this year’s Top 12!


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