Elsa freezes Storybrooke on“OUAT”

Elsa unleashed on OUAT

Elsa’s powers go out-of-control when she traps Storybrooke in ice. (Photo property of Eike Schroter/ABC)

By: Jacob Elyachar, jakes-take.com

Last week, Frozen’s Princess Elsa arrived in Storybrooke!

She was looking for answers on how to save her sister, Anna! However, the misunderstood princess making her presence known as she unleashed a snow monster that Regina defeated.

As the Ice Princess solidified her quest to find her sister, two of the town’s infamous residents began plotting. Having her happy ending accidentally taken by her by Emma, Regina reunited with her Magic Mirror (Sidney) to find the author of the storybook. Meanwhile, Mr. Gold’s addiction to power got greater when he found Yen Sid’s sorcerer hat on his honeymoon with Belle.

Will the two villains give into their addictions and go back to their dangerous origins? Read on to find out…

In the past, Anna arrived in the Enchanted Forest and met David the Peasant! She lied about her name and David found out that “Joan” was really Kristoff’s future wife. Unfortunately, their visit was cut short with the arrival of the villainous Bo Beep. She threatened to take away David home. It was Anna, who convinced him to become a hero and tackle Bo Beep!

She also challenged David not to be a coward and fight for his future! When David was looking for Anna, Bo Beep confronted him and revealed that the villainous warlord trapped Anna in her snowflake necklace. David fought and defeated Bo Peep and her henchmen and freed Anna from the warlord!

Back in Storybrooke, Elsa found Anna’s snowflake necklace in Mr. Gold’s Pawn Shop! She vowed that no one in Storybrooke was going in or out of town until she found her sister. She used her magic to create a barrier in the town! Charming, Emma and Hook investigated the barrier that Elsa put up. While Hook and Charming debated the Captain Swan relationship, Emma met Elsa for the first time!

When Charming and Hook tried to intervene, Elsa’s powers went out of control and it trapped both princesses in ice! As Charming and Hook fought their way out, Elsa demanded that Charming and Hook find her sister or she would freeze everyone in town.

Emma bonded with Elsa and she learned that not only she created the snow monster, but also she could not control her powers as well and were orphans. Unfortunately, Emma began to deteriorate and about to pass out.

After confronting both Gold and the Storybrooke version of Bo Peep, Charming and Hook used Bo Peep’s staff and convinced Elsa to lower her defenses by using a phrase only Anna used. Elsa began to lower the wall. Charming also vowed to help the Frozen princess out by finding her sister.

Unfortunately, they are going to have to deal with another woman with the power of ice…The Snow Queen (Elizabeth Mitchell).

Next week, the Snow Queen makes her move as the town begins to suspect Elsa.

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