The Five Question Challenge with The Hunts’ Jessi Hunt

The Hunts musical group Cherrytree Records

Cherrytree Records recording artists The Hunts are the first musical group to take “The Five Question Challenge” in 2015! (Photo property of Cherrytree Records)

By: Jacob Elyachar,

I am very excited that Cherrytree Records recording artists The Hunts are the first band to take The Five Question Challenge this year.

The music bug bit twin sisters Jenni and Jessi along with their brothers: Josh, Jonathan, Jordan, Justin and Jamison, when they were younger and their passion for music continues to be a constant drive for the Indie Folk septet.

The group’s Cherrytree Records 2014 debut, Life Was Simple, gave listeners layered harmonies, intricate acoustic arrangements and songs that sent listeners on an emotional roller coaster ride.

Not only has their music captured the hearts of fans, but also the group is fatly growing a strong social media presence.

For this edition of The Five Question Challenge, Jessi shared the group’s creative process and the group’s goals for 2015!

Jacob Elyachar: Could you please share the group’s origin story with my readers?

Jessi Hunt: We are the Hunts! We grew up learning music from our parents and performed at local events ever since we were kids! As the years went by, we fell in love with writing music and have grown a passion to create songs that tell our stories and move the heart.

JE: What are some of the challenges that your band faces in the recording industry? How do you overcome them?

JH: When we go to record, we often find it a challenge to capture our true sound on tape! We have a very raw, organic and live sound that sometimes gets lost in the studio. We try to record live takes as much as possible to render the real Hunts!

JE: How long does it take the band to create a track from conception to release?

JH: It usually takes us a hefty amount of time to release a song. Every song has a different story of how long it stays in the writing stages…sometimes weeks, sometimes months and sometimes years before we bring it to completion! We like to play our compositions for several months on the stage before we take it to the studio. That way we feel a song can grow and come to full maturity.

JE: What are your professional goals for 2015? What are the steps that the band is going to take to assure that you accomplish them?

JH: A big goal of ours this year is to release a full-length album! We are hoping to release it in the spring & hopefully go on tour with it shortly after. In the next few months, we will be recording in the studio and working on this project.

JE: If you had the chance to meet aspiring family based musical acts who want to have a career in the recording industry, what advice would you share with them?

JH: We want to encourage aspiring musicians to work hard! A lot of hard work, faithfulness and dedication can go a long way. Love what you do and stay true to who you are. Do not conform to what is around you but create the natural sound and organic music that resonates inside you.

To learn more about the Hunts and their upcoming shows, head to their website!

Want to connect with the Hunts on social media? Follow them on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & YouTube!




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