The dreaded Group Round rear its ugly head on “Idol”

American Idol contestants

“American Idol XIV” contestants get directions from the director as they prepare to face the judges. (Photo property of FOX, 19 Entertainment & FremantleMedia North America)

By: Jacob Elyachar,

American Idol XIV kicked off its Hollywood Week last night!

In a show first, the judges (Harry Connick, Jr., Jennifer Lopez and Keith Urban) asked 38 of their most memorable performers to perform in front of them one more time!

A good chunk of them including Adam Ezegelian, Trevor Douglas, Savion Wright, Jax, Garrett Miles and Tyanna Jones stole the show with their sing-for-your-life performances.

Meanwhile, the remaining 176 contestants’ fates were left up-in-the-air and were forced to sing in the show’s infamous lines of 10! If they survive the lines of 10, they have to face the most dramatic part of Hollywood Week…Group Day!

Who moved onto Group Day? Who was promptly eliminated? Read on to find out…

As Gabby exited the stage, several contestants including Cody Fry, Loren Lott, Maddie Walker, Rayvon Owen (who delivered an unbelievable cover of John Legend’s “Ordinary People”) and Alexis Gomez made it through to the next round, while the journey ended for cocky Andrew Annello.

However, he was not the only one who was going home as multiple people were backing their bags. After saying goodbye to the eliminated contestants, it was time for Group Rounds! Jennifer asked the contestants to divide each other into four groups. As the judges departed, the contestants found groups and began the most grueling part of Hollywood Week.

As several groups some sleep, others burned the midnight oil and cracks began to crumble! The first group to face the judges was Double Stuff (David Oliver Willis, Jesse Cline, Clark Beckham and J. None). While they had a great night of rehearsal and sleep, they stumbled during the final run through with Idol Associate Musical Director Michael Orland. Despite the rough patch, the guys delivered a superb cover of Stevie Wonder’s iconic “Signed, Sealed Delivered” that impressed the judges and they moved on to the next round.

The next group of contestants was Shi Scott, Adam E, “Big Ron” and Andrew Bloom! It was clear from the word: “go” that Andrew was the odd-man out when “Big Ron” and Adam sang impeccable runs on “P.Y.T.” Team captain Shi also sounded splendidly! Unfortunately, the group had to say “goodbye” to Andrew, as the judges eliminated him from the competition.

My favorite group of the night was Team Dimples with their superb cover of Magic’s “Rude! I hate the song and Jaq McKenzie, Nick Fradiani, Hunter Larsen and Michael Simeon made me like it. They were very creative with their arrangement…that included a vocal duel between the guys and the ladies! All four of them were sent through to the next round.

Unfortunately, the show ended on a bum note as Alexis collapsed from exhaustion on stage.

Next week, the Group Round drama continues!

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