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Is Cruella de Vil (Victoria Smurfit)---the nastiest member of the Queens of Darkness? (Photo property of ABC)

Is Cruella de Vil (Victoria Smurfit)—the nastiest member of the Queens of Darkness? (Photo property of ABC)

By: Jacob Elyachar, jakes-take.com

It is hard to be a Charming or Mills family member!

The Charmings’ foundation ruptured because Snow and Charming finally shared a nasty clandestine chapter in their Enchanted Forest past with their daughter. Their dark secret? The couple asked the Sorcerer’s Apprentice to send Emma’s potential evil into Maleficent’s daughter …who was revealed to be Emma’s first friend, Lily. After the secret was revealed, Emma instantly cut off emotional ties to her parents.

Meanwhile, Regina got the most unwelcomed news from Mr. Gold! After being captured by the Dark One for being the heroes’ mole, Gold revealed that not only was Robin still in New York City, but the real reason he has not come back to Storybrooke…he fell back in back in love with Marian! Little did he know that “Marian” is Regina’s wicked” half-sister: Zelena! Now, the ball is fully in the villains’ court as Gold captured the Author and has blackmailed the Evil Queen to do his bidding as the lives of Robin and Roland were in the Wicked Witch of the West’s hands!

But, could the Queens of Darkness’ resident wild card Cruella de Vil’s devious scheme derail the villains’ victory? Read on to find out…

Cruella’s road in becoming a femme fatale started early on in her childhood. Her mother (was Cora-lite) and her mother’s Dalmatians frightened her for years! She also trapped Cruella in her room with no outside contact.

However, the future Queen of Darkness might have gotten the chance to escape her mother. Thanks to the Author, who posed as a newspaper reporter who wanted a juicy story, she got to experience the outside world. She experienced the Roaring 20s at their finest. Cruella revealed her mother’s dirty secret: she killed all three of her husbands with poison.

As they danced the night away, the Author revealed his powers to Cruella. At first, she was flabbergasted, but she received flattering jewelry. She also received her magic to control animals and her infamous car from the Author himself.

Cruella’s mother confronted the Author and revealed that Cruella was the murderer not her. Before the Author forced her out of his room, he found that Cruella stole his book and mystical pen. Her mother confronted her at the mansion and Ms. De Vil used her new power to force the dogs to kill her mom.

The Author confronted Cruella who wore the Dalmatians as a fur. As the Author tried to get his pen back, his magical ink transformed Cruella into the person that we all love to hate!

In present day Storybrooke, Cruella planned on ditching down after Gold spilled the beans to Maleficent about the 101 Dalmatians villainess abandoning her daughter. The Mistress of All Evil confronted her fellow villainess about her missing daughter and Cruella confessed that both Ursula and herself abandoned Lily in the woods and absorbed the egg’s magic to keep them immortal. An enraged Maleficent transformed into her dragon alter ego. But before she attacked, Cruella used her smoke magic to control Maleficent. She also revealed that neither Gold nor Maleficent know her true plan and severely underestimated her.

As Cruella began her next phase of her plan, Gold threatened the Author and before he could force him to go to work; Belle summoned him. His ex-wife asked him to tell the truth and he revealed his darkened heart would kill him and leave him with no body. However, it was a trick as Regina revealed that she had taken Belle’s heart and forced Gold’s hand and threatened to kill Belle if Zelena murders Robin Hood.

Cruella began her next phase of her plan by getting the attention of both Regina and Emma! She used Pongo to get to Henry and forced him to get into the car. As his mothers were debating Regina’s bold plan to charge into New York City to save Robin and Roland from Zelena, Cruella sent them a video message. The Queen of Darkness would let Henry go in exchange for a dead Author, if Swan Queen refused, she would personally give Henry a “very unhappy ending.”

Gold returned to the cabin and forced the Author to confess his special relationship with Cruella. As Gold learned about Cruella’s past, the Charmings and their allies planned a rescue mission to save Henry from Cruella. With Snow and Charming on a mission that the flask that belonged to the Author, Hook and Regina begged Emma to forgive her parents.

As Emma faced Cruella, Snow and Charming forced the Author to reveal that Cruella de Vil cannot kill anyone…. leaving her defenseless! Emma used her powers and pushed Cruella off the cliff!

Next week, Lily and Emma reunite!






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