Jake’s Take On: The 2015 Kansas City Comic Con (Preview)

Kansas City Comic Con

Kansas City Comic Con will have its inaugural convention on August 7 through August 9, 2015 at Bartle Hall. (Logo designed by Bryan Fyffe & property of Kansas City Comic Con)

By: Jacob Elyachar, jakes-take.com

This August, a brand new celebration of pop culture arrives at Kansas City’s Bartle Hall!

For three days (Friday, August 7 to Sunday, August 9), the Kansas City Comic Con will be celebrating the best in comics, film, TV, gaming and Cosplay!

So, what can you expect from this newly minted convention?

Jake’s Take has uncovered some details that will get you excited about this upcoming event!

Bring on the Creators: Over the past few months, the Kansas City Comic Con staff has accumulated a diverse group of creators that will be on hand to kick off this inaugural season. Local favorites such as Jason Aaron, Damont Jordan, Ande Parks, Rick Stasi and Todd Aaron Smith will join industry luminaries such as Michael Golden, Art Thibert, Tim Townsend and Mike Zeck as the Kansas City Comic Con’s first class of creators that will showcase their work at Bartle Hall.

Cultural icons visit: Kansas City Comic Con is the one of the only Midwest comic book conventions that could attract Foxy Brown, Deathstroke, Samwise Gamgee, Doctor Who, two Power Rangers and Kenzi Malikov! Many future attendees exploded with delight when they learned that via social media and the Internet that Pam Grier, Manu Bennett, Sean Astin, Colin Baker, Austin St. John, Cerina Vincent and Ksenia Solo were among the celebrities to sign on for this momentous convention.

Cosplay champions: The Cosplay movement continues to spread its wings in the Midwest. With celebrated “Supergirl” Jessica Meditz-Porter, the Iron Brothers of Kansas and the Lord of the Rings-Springfield Fellowship leading the way, many attendees will be encouraged to be dressed-to-the-nines and answer the following questions: “Prefer Star Trek or Star Wars?” “Who’s your favorite Doctor?” and most importantly: “Are you DC or Marvel?”

Ward-Deities & Alphas: Gamers rejoice! One of the role-playing game (RPG) industry’s most recognizable pioneers will be in attendance at Kansas City Comic Con. Mr. Ward kickstarted the science fiction RPG genre when he created Metamorphosis Alpha in 1976 and Deities & Demigods in 1980. However, more millennials might know him for his work on several Troll Lord Games, Westeros Games of Thrones’ Miniatures rules and the Dragon Ball Z Collectable Card Game.

Need more information about the convention? Head over to the Kansas City Comic Con website for all your KCCC needs!

Did you know that Kansas City Comic Con is on social media? Like their Facebook page; Tweet them at @KCComicCon and look out for their posts on Instagram!


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