The Five Question Challenge with WBFF Competitor Brian Cook

Brian Cook WBFF transformation

Brian Cook’s weight loss journey received a lot of praise during the 2015 WBFF US Central Show and now he has set his eyes on the WBFF World Championships in Las Vegas. (Photos courtesy of Brian Cook & the WBFF)

By: Jacob Elyachar,

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2015 will go down in the World Beauty Fitness & Fashion Inc. (WBFF)’s history books as the year of the transformations!

The fitness and fashion competition introduced a new category, transformations, which emphases on the individual’s journey over looks. Among the eight transformations that were showcased at the US Central Show, this year’s Muscle Model runner-up Brian Cook was definitely the most fascinating and uplifting.

After being overweight for a bulk of his life, Brian decided that it was time to tackle the problem head on and got into shape. He lost over 140 pounds in the past couple of years and now he is preparing to head to Las Vegas to share his story on a global level, when he participates at this year’s WBFF World Championships.

His determination and drive impressed me so much that I awarded Brian…The Five Question Challenge! Brian opened up about his personal highlight from the WBFF US Central Show and what he is looking forward to the most about sharing his story at the WBFF Worlds Championships.

Jacob Elyachar: 2015 marked the first year the WBFF offered the Transformation category. Why did you decide to compete in this brand new category?

Brian Cook: I found that a lot of people did not realize all the struggles I went through with my weight and felt like this was a great way to get my story out there. I was proud of myself for my accomplishment and this was a great way to cap off my 130 lbs. transformation.

JE: You also competed in the Muscle Model category as well. Could you describe the preparation that you faced for the WBFF US Central Show?

BC: I was an offensive lineman in college and this kind of reminded me of preparing for an upcoming season, at least from a thought process aspect. The dieting and training together was a new challenge because I was forcing my body to burn the fat instead of supplying it with food. It really forced mental toughness that I had never experienced before. I kept saying that the fear of getting on stage out of shape was driving my discipline.

JE: What were some of your personal highlights about competing in the US Central Show?

BC: It was really fun competing with my wife, Lydia, even when we could not think clearing from no carbs (smiles). We still shared a lot of laughs despite being irritable all the time. I also made a lot of new friends along the way and look forward to competing with them again in the future.

JE: What are you looking forward to the most about sharing your story at the WBFF Worlds Championship?

BC: I lost an entire person worth of weight. It is hard not to get excited about sharing that story regardless of how long it took me to do it. Hopefully my story can change the lives of others and give them a sense of hope and a longer more comfortable life.

JE: If you had the chance to meet with people who are struggling with their fitness journey, what advice would you share with them?

BC: While a majority of my weight was lost many years ago, I was still not satisfied with where I was and continued to diet only I wasn’t having any success. I plateaued for a long time, but never quit trying and that’s what I want people to learn most. I was able to persevere though many adversities and challenges, but managed to use those things to fuel my desire to change. I would think of my past struggles, while doing my workout, and use the anger to push myself harder instead of giving up.

Their struggle is their burden, but they don’t have to carry it anymore. I personally know all it takes is making up their mind that enough is enough. They have to embrace the fact they are worth it, and the hard work that comes with will mold them to be better people. Fight for you because you are worth it! You will fall; we all do, but pick yourself up and try again. This is your story, your life, and you can change it by making the right choices. Remember those choices, not matter how small, have an impact on the big picture. If you want it bad enough you will fight for it…embrace the fact you are worth fighting for!!

You can help Brian on his journey to Vegas by contributing to his Go Fund Me page!

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