The Five Question Challenge with WBFF Competitor Logan Montgomery

Logan Montgomery WBFF fitness competitor

Keep an eye on WBFF Competitor Logan Montgomery…he has a bright future in the fitness industry! (Photo property of David Bickley & the WBFF)

By: Jacob Elyachar,

I cannot believe that the WBFF US Central Show was just five days ago!

I am always in awe of the athletes that step on stage to compete for a pro card every time I cover the WBFF US Central Show.

Among the competitors that impressed me the most was first-timer Logan Montgomery. When he first took the stage, I was intrigued by the way he commanded the stage and his infectious attitude impressed both the audience and the judges as they awarded him a place in this year’s Male Fitness Model’s Top Five!

The first time WBFF competitor sat down exclusively with Jake’s Take to discuss who inspired him to take part in the 2015 WBFF US Central Show and the next chapter in his fitness journey.

Jacob Elyachar: When did you get interested in fitness? How did that passion turn into bodybuilding?

Logan Montgomery: I began lifting weights when I was 13-years-old for football. However, I did not develop a passion for bodybuilding until 2013, when my friend Christian Lovell earned his WBFF pro card as a muscle model. Seeing pictures from him on stage made me want to work hard and improve my physique.

JE: There are numerous bodybuilding federations around the world. Why did you decide to compete with the WBFF?

LM: I chose to compete in the WBFF over other federations because it brings together both bodybuilding and modeling and combines them into one fantastic show.

JE: What was your personal highlight at the 2015 WBFF US Central Show?

LM: My personal highlight of the 2015 WBFF US Central Show was when photographer David Bickley selected me to do a photo shoot with him.

JE: What is the next chapter in your fitness journey?

LM: I am currently studying for my personal training certification through ACE (American Council on Exercise). I also want to do more WBFF shows in the future, so I can obtain my pro card as a fitness model.

JE: If you had the chance to meet with someone who is struggling with their fitness journey, what advice would you share with them?

LM: The best advice I would give to anyone struggling with their fitness journey is to stay consistent and never give up. Just over two years ago, my appendix ruptured and I got an infection. Unfortunately, I lost over 30 pounds and most of which was hard-earned muscle! Nine months later, I had finally gained my weight back, but I broke my collarbone in a motocross crash. I lost 30 pounds again from not being able to workout for another several months. I got back into lifting as soon as I could and nine months later, I placed in the Top Five in my first WBFF show! No matter what life throws at you, just keep working hard and believe in yourself!

To learn more about the WBFF, visit their website!

You can connect with Logan on both his Instagram and Twitter channels.


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