Captain Swan’s love is put to test on “OUAT”

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Did Hook lose his happy ending after Emma revealed her true intentions on “Once Upon A Time”? (Photo property of ABC Studios)

By: Jacob Elyachar,

Emma Swan’s turn to the dark side has turned the whole Once Upon a Time dynamic on its head.

Several Storybrooke residents are utterly horrified that the Charmings and the heroes would be unsuccessful in saving them from the former Savior’s wrath. In addition, Henry the Author has the power to bring his mother back to the side of angels, but would not abuse the author’s power to save Emma.  Plus, Regina, formerly the town’s scapegoat, has now inherited Emma’s position as the town’s savior.

Meanwhile, the heroes are investigating two different mysteries: why Emma wiped out their memories from their Camelot adventure and the location of King Arthur’s beloved sword–Excalibur.  Little did they know that the Dark Swan has possession of the sword and her ghostly mentor, Rumpelstiltskin, has an awful plan that involves both Excalibur and the Dark One’s dagger which involves Emma to sacrifice her loved ones to pursue it!

Did Emma sacrifice her greatest love to pursue the Dark One’s agenda? Read on to find out!

Emma gave the Dwarves a shock when she visited them at their mines. She grabbed Happy’s ax and vanished out of thin air. The dwarves immediately ran to her parents and tattled to them.  Snow and Charming were instantly shocked by Emma’s actions and were bickering over their inability to save their daughter.  As Charming left the office, Arthur asked Charming for help regarding finding stolen magical items.  While Arthur and Charming headed on their quest, Emma broke Happy’s axe and the ghostly Rumple revealed that they needed a hero to release Excalibur from its prison.


They stopped by Gold’s Pawn Shop and found an item that would lead them to the thief.  After gathering the Camelot transplants, Charming’s ruse revealed the thief’s identity. The duo chased the thief to the edge of Storybrooke. Charming handed Arthur the wheel and Charming’s truck was transformed into a modern joust that took out the thief.  The thief stated he was tired of being treated like a rag doll and wanted better treatment. As Charming and Arthur left the thief in a jail cell, the Sheriff found what they were looking for in the Enchanted Forest. However, Arthur revealed his true colors as he poisoned his subject and prepared to transform Storybrooke into New Camelot.

Over by the docks, Captain Hook was startled by Emma’s sudden appearance on his ship. Emma apologized for overreacting when Hook was over at her new home. She offered a lunch invitation like old times, Hook took it…but snarled back “this is hardly not like old times.” Emma magically recreated their first date and hypnotized him with a single phrase: “You know you can trust me.” Hook told her that she was different, Emma countered that she could see more clearly and was not scared anymore and praised Mr. Gold and Belle’s love. Hook stated that Rumple was a coward that turned into an evil killer as the Dark One and said that he was done playing games with her and their relationship was done. Little did they know that Emma kidnapped a resurrected Gold and wanted him to become a pure hero.

Back in Camelot, Regina released her unlikely handmaiden, Zelena, from a curse that kept her mute. While the Wicked Witch reunited with her voice, the former Evil Queen confronted her sister on trying to go back to Oz with Robin Hood’s unborn child. Zelena tried to convince her sister that her unborn child might be the only person that could love her for who she is. Regina would have none of it and promised her that her baby would be loved and cared for, but once the baby was born…Zelena would be out of the picture.

Meanwhile, Arthur and Charming went after a poisonous mushroom that could communicate with the trapped Merlin.  It was great seeing the two kings bond over the Round Table, remembering Lancelot and seeing Camelot’s magical elements. They traveled over to the Forest to the Internal Night, where they formed a common bond over wives and common beginnings. The two kings found the Crimson Crown mushroom and decided that Charming would cross the moat and bring back the mushroom.  While getting the mushroom was not an easy task as Emma’s father had to wrestle with the ghostly Black Knights, Arthur saved Charming from a watery grave.

While Charming lost the toadstool in the bog, the King of Camelot pointed out that the losses makes the person brave. Charming was also knighted by Arthur and appointed to the Round Table where he sat in Lancelot’s old chair. While Snow was taking care of Baby Neal, a resurrected Lancelot appeared in front of Snow and warned his old friend that Arthur is a villain and Camelot would be their undoing.

Next week, Arthur takes on the Charmings with Emma’s fate on the line!


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