The Five Question Challenge with Tanya Tucker

Country music icon Tanya Tucker took time out of her schedule to take "The Five Question Challenge." (Photo property of Alan Messer & courtesy of Webster Public Relations)

Country music icon Tanya Tucker took time out of her schedule to take “The Five Question Challenge.” (Photo property of Alan Messer & courtesy of Webster Public Relations)

By: Jacob Elyachar,

It is an honor and a privilege to welcome music icon Tanya Tucker to Jake’s Take! 

For 43 years, Ms. Tucker has entertained millions of people with her impressive catalog that boasts 66 singles and 24 studio albums.

Throughout her career, she has received multiple honors from the Academy of County Music Awards, Country Music Association Awards & CMT (Country Music Television).  Ms. Tucker was also nominated for 10 Grammy Awards and CMT named her one of the greatest female artists in country music.

Recently, I caught up with the country music legend and we talked about her nationwide tour and she shared her opinion on the ever evolving music industry.

Jacob Elyachar: How have you evolved as a singer-songwriter since you made your music industry debut?

Tanya Tucker: I have gotten older. (Laughs) This is a hard question for me, because I feel that I am still evolving and riding on a bigger and better road of life. I just did not think that I would be back on the road, but the fans still wanted to see me perform. They almost badgered me to death wanting me to come back out. That makes me feel really great. But, I am not evolved yet. I am just starting.

JE: Let’s talk about the fall leg of your nationwide tour. What can your fans expect from your shows?

TT: We wanted to make sure to do songs that they remember me doing, which means all of the hits! It is also a pretty much a barebones show. We do not have fancy lights that go off or other bells and whistles, it is just me and my band. But, we will be evolving into something else. (Laughs)

JE: What were some of the challenges that you faced throughout your career? How have you overcome them?

TT:  I think I overcame my challenges through sheer diligence and not taking “No” for an answer. If someone told me, I could not do something…I would go: “Hey y’all! Watch this!” I think it has been part of my constitution from the beginning. I had a very strong-willed dad and a mother that was a saint. So, I did not have anywhere to go but up if I listened. When I did not listen, it is when I would make my mistakes. Everybody makes them. I made many and I will continue to make some more but less and less. I think that when you get a little older, you know more what you really want out of life. The kind of life that I was living for at the time, was not the life I would like to live the rest of my life.

JE: In your humble opinion, how has the music industry evolved over the years? Has it evolved for the better? For the worse and why?

TT: Some things are better, some things are not. Technology has gotten a whole lot better since I entered the industry. But, I do not like the way that they make records today. I like to do things live. They (my producers) put five musicians in the same room with me and the musicians and I created music. However, during one of my latest recording sessions…I was in Nashville, while the band was in LA! I do not like to record that way, because the recording process was forced and it was not natural for me. I will not do that type of recording process again. I like to be involved with all facets of the recording process. This new process has changed so much that you do not even need musicians in the recording studio, they can make records out of sound! I think that we are losing a lot of what real music is.  I still like to use the big round analog tapes, which were a major part of the recording process.  Joe Walsh once stated: “I’m an analog man.” Well, I am an analog woman and I would love to have Joe Walsh produce a record for me!  Actually, I would to make an album with some of my heroes like Eric Clapton, Tom Petty, Merle Haggard and Bob Dylan (who wants to do something with me). I would like to have them produce a side of the album.  I think it would be so cool to see what material we would come up with! Maybe the album might be a combination of a cover album and new material that we would create. While there would entail a lot of work, it would be a fun little project that I would like to do!

JE: If you had the chance to meet with aspiring singer-songwriters who want to work in the music industry, what advice would you share with them?

TT: The only thing that I could say is to keep at it! Keep at it and stick to what is in your heart and your gut!

You can connect with Tanya on social media! Visit her Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & YouTube pages.



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