A Conversation with Justin Morelli

Justin Morelli

Singer-songwriter Justin Morelli is the latest artist to have “A Conversation” with “Jake’s Take.” (Photo courtesy of Effective Immediately PR)

By: Jacob Elyachar, jakes-take.com

It is a pleasure to welcome Justin Morelli to Jake’s Take. 

The New York City singer-songwriter is one artist that you need to keep track of this year. His innate ability to blend the legendary soul of Stevie Wonder and rock vibes of Elvis Presley with the sound of pop kings Justin Timberlake and Usher has captured the attention of numerous media outlets such as Maximum Pop, Popdust and Yahoo Music.

Last year, I stated in the November 20 edition of “New Music Releases,” that Mr. Morelli’s “Ain’t Easy” is a “strong indicator of things to come.” I still stand behind my words, and I think that not only will fans of JT, Usher, Justin Bieber and Jason Derulo will gravitate to his sounds, but I firmly believe that 2016 will be the year that Justin Morelli conquers the music world.

In this edition of A Conversation, Justin opened up about his songwriting, the challenges that he faces breaking into the mainstream music market and his views on social media.

Jacob Elyachar: When did you get interested in music? How did that passion evolve into the desire of having a career in the recording industry?

Justin Morelli: I’ve been interested in music my whole life, since the day I can remember. The passion was always there.  I think it’s just the mental game and maturing enough to realize what you need to do to make it your career.

JE: Who are some of your biggest musical influences? How did they shape you as an artist?

JM: I would say the main ones would be Justin Timberlake, Usher, R Kelly, Boyz II Men, and Ginuwine.  Those are the five that come to my head immediately.  They shaped me not only because of how musically gifted they are and the storytelling that goes into their music, but also the kind of performers that they are. And I think that combination made me fall in love with what they do and what I wanted to do with my career.

JE: Could you describe your songwriting style to my readers?

JM: It’s hard to describe your personal songwriting style.  It has a balanced R&B flavor to it, a groove and bounce.  I would say it’s a combination of R&B and pop and at times is very rhythmic and soulful and also has a pocket and a groove to it.

JE: What are some of the challenges that you faced trying to break into the music industry? How did you overcome them?

JM: I think I’m still overcoming them.  The challenges are just being the perfectionist that I am, being comfortable with the final product of your work.  For me, it takes the time to be satisfied with where my music is. I’m always working on it, constantly trying to improve it and get better and work on different things and the hardest part is saying okay, I’m comfortable with where it is, and I want to share it with the world.

JE: How has social media helped you connect with your fans?

JM: I think it’s been the biggest thing for me connecting with my fans. It allows me to connect with more people around the country and the World that I wouldn’t necessarily be able to get to as quickly if I had to go around everywhere and meet everyone face to face or have people hear word of mouth. It’s a faster process.

JE: If you had the chance to meet with aspiring singer-songwriters who want to go into the music industry, what advice would you share with them?

JM: I think there are three things I would probably tell them. You have to live and breathe this every single day. You have to never give up no matter what anyone says to you and how much love you have for what you do, and the music you have has got to come out in your music.

For more information about Justin Morelli, visit his website!

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