Local designers close out KCFW Fall-Winter 2016 Showcase

Kansas City Fashion Week Fall-Winter concludes

Six of Kansas City’s favorite designers came together to celebrate the end of Kansas City Fashion Week’s Fall-Winter Celebration. (Photo property of Jacob Elyachar)


By: Jacob Elyachar, jakes-take.com

Six of the Kansas City’s best designers came together to conclude the 2016 Kansas City Fashion Week (KCFW)’s Fall-Winter Showcase. While the six designers and their hair and make-up crews made final adjustments to the models, WDAF-TV FOX 4 News anchor and KCFW veteran emcee Abby Eden welcomed the packed audience to the last event of the 2016 Fall-Winter Showcase.

Up first, KCFW veterans Architexture! Husband and wife team, John and Christina Moncke, presented nine unique looks that were either inspired by the CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow and black) family or Billy Joel’s anthems “Uptown Girl” or “Modern Woman.”  I was impressed with how the Monckes weaved silk-cotton blend designs throughout their presentation and their outfits were easy on the eyes.

Before Tomboy Design’s models took the stage, Ms. Eden shared a personal anecdote about the designer. The FOX 4 anchor has followed Tomboy Designs creator Laura McGrew’s career over the years and admitted that she is a huge fan of Ms. McGrew’s quirky but with a flair designs.  However, I thought that Ms. McGrew’s clothes were stolen from Victoria Smurfit’s Once Upon a Time wardrobe.  While I believed that the Cruella de Vil actress could wear some of the outfits during her next appearance on the ABC fairy tale drama, this batch of Tomboy Design’s clothes disappointed me.

If Warner Bros. Pictures and DC Entertainment needed anyone to head the wardrobe department for the upcoming 2017 Wonder Woman solo film, I would nominate Andrea Marie Long. Last night, her designs perfectly showcased why she would be an excellent candidate to costume the iconic superhero and her allies. Andrea Marie Long Designs’ models were Amazon warriors, as they strutted down the runway in their burgundy-gold (Kansas City Chiefs-inspired) outfits. I could also see style and music icons Beyoncé and Jennifer Lopez work both the paparazzi and their fanbase into a frenzy if they wore some of Ms. Long’s designs. Ms. Long received the very first standing ovation of both the night and the Fall-Winter showcase for her impeccable work.

After a quick intermission, Erin Paige showed off her fantastic jewelry. As Abby Eden flashed her necklace and earrings that Ms. Paige made for her, the FOX 4 News Anchor stated that everything that Ms. Paige did was a “labor of love,” because she handmade all of her jewelry.  For the Fall-Winter showcase, she took the audience back in time to the Ancient Egypt and Greece, where her copper, gold, and turquoise jewelry impressed the crowd.

Jake's Take's favorite look from KCFW

Congratulations, christian MICHEAL! You had my favorite look of the 2016 Kansas City Fashion Week Fall-Winter Showcase. (Photo property of Jacob Elyachar)

Returning designer christian MICHEAL brought dynamic energy with his superb designs. The self-taught designer’s edgy menswear merged his love for black, white and gray with red floral in an epic set. My favorite outfit from his set was this amazing ivory coat that had tan and black shades at both the bottom and on the sleeves. I would like to wear that outfit in the future.

Lucia’s Sarto by Nataliya Meyer closed out the Kansas City Fashion Week festivities with a line that had so much drama that would make a Mariah Carey-Jennifer Lopez-Christina Aguilera-Ariana Grande free-for-all shade-off seem tame. All of Ms. Meyer’s one-of-a-kind gowns can be described as outstanding, astonishing and superior.  Also, her models definitely turned up the heat as dramatically threw their coats on the floor and strutted the runway like preying dominatrixes. Throughout the presentation, some of my colleagues and I, not only unanimously agreed that Ms. Meyer’s collection was the highlight of the night, but also thought that Heidi Klum, Melania Trump and the Dancing with the Stars professional partners could rock these gowns.

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