Death comes to “Once Upon A Time”

Zelena and Hades OUAT

Who was the character that died fighting the dastardly duo of Zelena and Hades? (Photo property of ABC)

By: Jacob Elyachar,

Almost everyone escaped Underbrooke.

Unfortunately, the heroes are down one member as Captain Hook refused to leave with Emma and company.  However, the group had much bigger problems to worry about.  Hades has arrived in Storybrooke with Zelena and her daughter and is about enact his revenge against his eldest brother: Zeus.

We also learned last Sunday that one of the heroes will pay the ultimate price to stop the Lord of the Underworld.

Who bit the bullet? Read on to find out.

As Hades celebrated his freedom, Zelena was worried about Regina’s whereabouts. While the Wicked Witch headed into town, King Arthur ran into Hades and they bonded over broken kingdoms. While Hades killed Camelot’s ruler, the Charmings reunited and revealed that the Wicked Witch brought Hades back with her.

Zelena ran into Regina and Robin Hood near the Storybrooke park. Before an enraged Robin exploded at the Wicked Witch, Regina interfered and told her sister that they demand answers on Hades’ actions.  Robin was livid to learn that his baby mama put her trust in the Lord of the Underworld and Regina spilled that while Hades’ removal of the heroes’ names was well intended; abandoning them in the underworld under Cruella and the Blind Witch’s malevolent hands were inconceivable.  Zelena was still in denial and angrily warned Outlaw Queen that they would be making a grave mistake trying to attack Hades.

Back in the underworld, the Blind Witch offered Arthur some coffee at the deceased diner and wanted some answers. Hook revealed that King Arthur was not only dead but deceased as well. Arthur revealed that Hades was his killer, and Hook offered the King’s redemption with a quest to find Hades’ secrets.  Merida, Emma, and Charming found Arthur’s body and the former Dark Swan wanted the god dead. Charming begged that his daughter goes through the grieving process.

Meanwhile, the Wicked Witch ran straight to Hades and revealed Regina’s veiled threat to her true love. Hades stated that he planned on giving himself up to the heroes to save Zelena and the baby. In awe (or by pure blindness to the truth), Zelena decided that if the heroes were going to attack, they better defend themselves.  If it came to war against the heroes, Hades revealed his ace to Zelena.  It was a lighting shaped Olympian crystal that Hades stole from his brother.

While Outlaw Queen snuck down to break into the Mayoral Office, Hook and Arthur invaded Hades’ headquarters to the look for the missing pages from the Underbrooke storybook.  With Arthur’s help, they were able to find the ripped pages from Underbrooke’s enchanted storybook. They confronted Cruella about the phone booth, and the newest ruler of the Underworld taunted them that she destroyed both the phone booth and storybook.

Hook and Arthur found the book and put the pages in it. Emma found the pages and ran to City Hall.  The savior confronted the Wicked Witch and revealed that the lighting bolt was Hades’ weakness. Just as Regina and Robin were able to save Baby Hood, Hades confronted them and threatened to kill the Evil Queen using the Olympian lighting bolt. Robin defended Regina and it cost him life.

While the hero said goodbye to his true love, Zelena returned to the room and was instantly pulled into an emotional tug of war. Hades tried to deceive the Wicked Witch, but Regina’s honest and compassionate plea got through to her sister and Zelena killed her true love.   This encounter left both Mills sisters emotionally broken.

Back in the Underworld, the men congratulated each other and he entered a portal. Zeus was waiting for him and escorted him to where the good captain belonged. Back in Storybrooke, Emma visited Hook’s grave and updated her true love about Hades’ defeat and revealed that she missed him.  As Emma said goodbye to her true love, the entire town of Storybrooke turned out to say goodbye to Robin Hood. Zelena revealed that she would name their daughter after her. While Robin was laid to rest, Emma got a pleasant surprise: a resurrected Captain Hook!

As the lovers united, Gold gathered Hades’ ashes and found the remains of the lightning bolt.

Next week, it’s the two-hour season finale!

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