Aladdin & Jasmine visit “Once Upon A Time”

Aladdin & Jasmine made their "Once Upon A Time" debut tonight. (Photo property of ABC)

Aladdin & Jasmine made their “Once Upon A Time” debut tonight. (Photo property of ABC)

By: Jacob Elyachar,

Aladdin remains one of my all-time favorite Disney animated films!

When I saw that Aladdin, Jasmine, and Jafar were coming to Storybrooke this season, I jumped for joy. I believe that Agrabah’s favorite couple and the wicked warlock would fit right into Storybrooke.

For example, Jasmine was one of the arrivals from the Land of Untold Stories.  However, she hid her identity and disguised herself as Snow’s teaching assistant. After helping Snow get her classroom groove back, Jasmine went to one of Storybrooke forest, where she spoke with the Oracle. The duo of them is working together to find Aladdin before Jafar or the Evil Queen.

Will Jasmine find her true love? How will our heroes help her? Read on to find out.

Back in Agrabah, Jafar and his followers asserted their power by harassing thieves, and the vizier transformed them into rats. Sickened by Jafar’s actions, Aladdin quickly left the scene. As he was looking at his stolen goods, a veiled woman confronted him. The woman told him that she wanted to hide him from Jafar and revealed herself to be Princess Jasmine. She begged Aladdin to help her defeat Jafar. While he was hesitant to help, Jasmine pulled his leg and after convincing they were looking for the realm’s most powerful magic: The Diamond in the Rough.

The duo traveled to the Cave of Wonders, and they bickered about Agrabah’s society. Aladdin and Jasmine both called each other selfish, but they began to bond when they reached the magnificent cave. Using Ali Baba’s trick of “Open, Sesame!” The cave opened. They found riches, jewels, and the diamond! After touching the diamond, Aladdin received magical powers, and she stated that he was “the Diamond in the Rough” —the Savior of Agrabah.

Aladdin was frustrated that Jasmine manipulated him in this predicament. As Jasmine left, Jafar confronted him in the Cave and used the Oracle to show him his nightmarish future. He worked his magic and tried to convince Aladdin to walk away from the power. Jasmine tried to save her father from Jafar, and the wizard trapped her into an hourglass and used his magic to break his staff. As Jafar retreated, Aladdin stated that he stayed in Agrabah for her.

However, Jasmine turned down Aladdin’s invitation to join him on hunting down Jafar. As he left Agrabah behind him, Jafar transported his shears for him to use, if he wanted to stop being a savior.

In Storybrooke, Emma and Archie found the Oracle dead in the forest and discovered Jasmine and the scene of the crime. Next, she found herself in Storybrooke’s Police Department’s interview room. Emma and David confronted her about the accusations. At first, Jasmine was reluctant to answer Emma’s questions stating that if she revealed her true identity, Hyde would use it against her. After the Charmings had confirmed that Hyde was dead, Jasmine revealed her true identity and swore her innocence.  Emma stated that she believed her and added that her tale was told through a Disney film.  Storybrooke’s Savior also asked Jasmine for Aladdin’s whereabouts and the Agrabah Princess said the Charmings that she was looking for him because he was the Savior.

Archie discovered the Evil Queen in his office. She wanted to talk about Emma Swan’s visions. The former Jiminy Cricket refused to help her, so she transfigured herself into Archie. As Archie found in Zelena’s clutches, the disguised Evil Queen tried to dig information out of Emma, but Ms. Swan spilled to “Dr. Hopper” that Aladdin is in town. “Archie” followed Emma home and forced her to spill the truth about her death to her family, who were not pleased with the revelation.

As the Evil Queen gleefully left the Charmings’ apartment, Henry comforted Jasmine. While they commiserated about the saviors’ fates, David received a call from Leroy saying that Archie has gone missing. Emma and the others stated that the “Archie” they encountered was the Queen, who returned to Zelena’s home, threatened Archie and treated her sister to a day at the spa. The Evil Queen continued to manipulate her sister and advised Zelena to keep her wicked ways and embrace herself.

Emma met Regina at her vault to find a new locator spell. Regina gave Emma the spell and they searched for Agrabah’s hero.  They found Aladdin in one of Storybrooke’s crypts. Jasmine found Aladdin’s body along with the family heirloom.  Emma was shaken to the core, as her future flashes returns. Henry apologized for putting her in this situation; Emma stated that he did not have to apologize to her. As they shared a tender moment, they came face-to-face with Aladdin!

Aladdin gave her Jafar’s shears, and they convinced him to reunite with Jasmine. They shared a tender moment in the park, and he revealed that Agrabah was in danger. As Aladdin panicked, Regina and Zelena captured Archie and transformed him back into Jiminy Cricket. Emma apologized to her family for keeping secrets and gave Hook—Jafar’s shears to hid them. However, Hook held on to the scissors for himself.

Next week, Captain Hook faces off against Captain Nemo!


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