Emma & Regina’s journey into Mirror World on “Once Upon A Time”

Regina and Emma were forced to travel to the Evil Queen's mirror realm! (Photo property of ABC Studios)

Regina and Emma were forced to travel to the Evil Queen’s mirror realm! (Photo property of ABC Studios)

By: Jacob Elyachar, jakes-take.com

The Charming Family and their allies have one royal problem on their hands.

The Evil Queen has arrived in Storybrooke and had one goal: destroy everyone’s happy endings.

So far, the Enchanted Forest’s wicked ruler has tried in vain to tear Storybrooke’s favorite family apart by recruiting allies such as Hyde, Lady Tremaine, and the Count of Monte Cristo to her cause, but all of them either were defeated or killed by our heroes.  While the heroes had minor victories by releasing Archie from Zelena’s clutches and using their mutual attraction to Gold to attempt them to tear their alliance apart.  Despite these small victories, the Evil Queen handed the Charming Family—one of their biggest defeats yet.

The Evil Queen revamped Maleficent’s sleeping curse by adding a shocking twist to keep Snow and David apart. Now with two members of their team down, Emma must lead Henry, Hook, and Regina to save both the town and her parents before it’s too late.

Did she succeed in breaking the Evil Queen’s new sleeping curse? Read on to find out!

Thanks to the Evil Queen’s meddling, Snow and David were living separate lives. To give each other hope and inspiration, the duo kept a journal so that they could communicate with one another. Also, each of them would spend time with Baby Neal and record their interactions with him on their iPhone.

Regina vowed to stop the Evil Queen and had an idea to trap her into the Mirror World. She even suggested using Henry as bait. Henry confronted his evil mother at the shore of Storybrooke beach. While the Evil Queen reminisced about her beach time with Henry regarding the seagulls, she also threw a barb at him about raising a “scared little boy.” Henry defiantly told her that he was not afraid of her anymore and was transported to safety by his mothers. The Evil Queen angrily called out their weak tactic, while Regina angrily screamed: “He is not your son!” The Queen called both of them out on how their constant bickering at each other made Henry weak. Regina told her bad self to zip it and triumphantly told her that her reign was over. However, the Evil Queen anticipated this and switched enchanted mirrors on them. Next, she sent both Emma and Regina into the mirror realm.

While Emma discovered that the mirror realm was connected Storybrooke, Regina stated had they had no magic on them.  As the duo tried to reach Henry, The Evil Queen tried to infiltrate the Charmings and set her eyes on Henry. Meanwhile, Belle forced Zelena, Aladdin, and Jasmine into helping her break into her ex’s shop and steal both the Golden Shears and the Sorcerer’s Wand.

Hook discovered the Evil Queen’s trick after finding Emma’s missing home. As Hook out of the picture, the Evil Queen tried to continue to mother Henry and act like a prince. However, Henry discovered the Queen’s ruse as soon as she commented on his posture and recruited Violet to find his moms.

As Henry and Violet left Granny’s restaurant, Emma and Regina ran into the Dragon in the Mirror Realm. The wizard revealed that the Evil Queen trapped him into the realm after he refused to help her with her revenge scheme. Luckily, he stated that he found a back door to get out of the kingdom. Meanwhile, Aladdin snuck into Gold’s shop and began to look for the items that Belle requested including the Sorcerer’s Wand.  If it were not for a particular motion-sensors monkey (that looked like Abu), Gold would have caught him stealing the wand.

Meanwhile, the trio discovered Sidney (the Magic Mirror)’s home. They found that Sidney was working on a way out from the dimension. As the duo was working their way out, Henry confronted the Evil Queen on the truth in his mother’s dungeon.  She transformed the Dragon into a monstrous being and tried to kill them.

The Evil Queen also sought to darken Henry’s heart by forcing him to crush the Dragon’ heart. Thankfully, the Dragon’s fire broke through the mirror, and Emma and Regina escaped. The Evil Queen accused the women of making Henry soft, but the future Author told her that they made him stronger by surrounding him with a loving family: something that she did not have.  Hook arrived on the scene and threatened to hurt the Queen.

As the Queen vanished, Gold confronted Belle and Zelena about sending Aladdin to steal from his shop. He put a locator’s spell on his wife and threatened that he would get to know his son. He also learned that his life is connected with Zelena’s life. While Gold retreated to his shop, Henry and Violet had their first dance at Granny’s.

In two weeks, Gold goes on a rampage!

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