Jake’s Take: The April 2017 DC Comics Solicitations

We are just a few weeks into 2017, and right now, DC Comics is making noise with its April solicitations.

Here are some of my take on some of the hottest stories that are coming from the DC Comics’ April 2017 catalog.


Will Flash & Batman solve the mystery of “The Button”? (Artwork property of DC Comics)

Batman & The Flash: “The Button” Mystery

Remember that Batman found the Comedian’s iconic blood-stained smiley-faced button at the end of the DC Universe: Rebirth one-shot? Now, the Caped Crusader has called in reinforcements-his fellow detective and former Justice League colleague: The Flash! Can these super detectives solve this mystery and find more connections to the Watchmen Universe? Two of DC’s hottest up-and-coming writers, Tom King and Joshua Williamson, will attempt to answer these questions along with their respective artists Jason Fabok and Howard Porter in this special four-part story that will crossover in both Batman and The Flash titles.


The Dark Knight & The Demon’s Head will face off in the April edition of “Detective Comics.” (Cover property of DC Comics)

Ra’s Al Ghul encounters Batman in Detective

While readers saw the Demon’s Head confront his grandson and his team, the Teen Titans, early on in the first few months of DC Rebirth, he has not faced off against his archrival in this era until now. Starting in Detective Comics #954, Ra’s Al Ghul will confront Batman on how to deal with the legendary terrorist group: The League of Shadows. Will Al Ghul join Batman on his quest or will he just let both factions destroy each other? Find out when James Tynion IV and artist Marcio Takara present this showdown on April 12.

Batman meets The Shadow

In April, the two important literature icons meet for the very first time. DC Comics and Dynamite will team-up in a six-issue miniseries co-penned by Scott Snyder and Steve Orlando and with artwork by Riley Rossmo. Bruce Wayne and Lamont Cranston’s alter-egos face-off against a brand-new villain that will challenge both heroes to the core. Batman/Shadow drops its first issue on April 26.


Will Superman find out what others secrets that Mr. Oz is hiding? (Cover property of DC Comics)

Superman Reborn Aftermath

The Superman family will face a lot of fallout from the “Superman Reborn” storyline. While the Man of Steel revisits his history, gets a new costume, and learns more about Mr. Oz in the pages of Action Comics, the Dynamic Duo will share with Clark that his son is losing powers in the pages of Superman. Meanwhile, fresh from the pages of Justice League vs. Suicide Squad,

Emerald Empress confronts Superman, Supergirl, and guest star Batgirl in the pages of the Maiden of Might’s ongoing series.


Can the Suicide Squad outsmart Lex Luthor? Find out in April! (Cover property of DC Comics)

Suicide Squad versus Lex Luthor

If they thought facing the Justice League, Maxwell Lord and Eclipso was difficult; the Suicide Squad will confront one of the DC Universe’s most dangerous entrepreneurs: Lex Luthor.  While Amanda Waller locks wits with the Metropolis tycoon in his penthouse, the team must break into Lexcorp’s most heavily guarded safe. Can the team succeed before Luthor finds out? Find out when writer Rob Williams and artist Tony S. Daniel publish issue 16 on April 26.

Niles Caulder returns to the Doom Patrol

The Doom Patrol’s mentor, Niles Caulder, returns to the title! This time, the arrogant doctor has plans to mold this group into his legendary team. However, not everyone is happy with this concept. Which side will win in this clash of ideals? Find out when writer Gerard Way and guest artist Mike Allred drop this issue on April 26.

Dinkley vs. Dinkley in Scooby Apocalypse

It’s been months since Velma revealed her role in creating the nightmarish world of Scooby Apocalypse, now the gang is about to collide with one of Velma’s employers in issue 10! Little do they know that this member of The Four is the brother to our spectacle-wearing heroine. Writers Keith Giffen and J.M. DeMatteis and artist Dale Eaglesham will drop this awkward family reunion on April 12.

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