Schwarzenegger’s “New Celebrity Apprentice” gets hungry

The New Celebrity Apprentice cast & Arnold Schwarzenegger

“The New Celebrity Apprentice” candidates pose with their boss before a taping. (Photo property of NBC & MGM Television)

Last week, The New Celebrity Apprentice debuted with a new location (Los Angeles, California), new candidates and a different boss: former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Under the leadership of Boy George, Carson Kressley, Jon Lovitz, and Matt Iseman, Team Arete dominated the first two tasks for Tyra Banks Cosmetics and Trident. Sadly, the women of Team Prima had to face Schwarzenegger in the board room, and the iconic actor terminated Carrie Keegan and Carnie Wilson.

Did Team Prima bounce back? Did the men continue their winning streak? Who was terminated by the Governator? Read on to find out…

This week’s first task was to help Welch’s prepare an eight to 10-minute live segment to show how Welch’s grape juice can be implemented into a healthy lifestyle. Laila Ali and MMA Fighter Chael Sonnen were assigned to be their team’s respective Project Managers.  Chael chose Ricky Williams to be his second-in- command, while Jon Lovitz and Carson Kressley decided to suggest a talk show theme. When it was proposed that Boy George and Vince Neil wanted to write a song, Ricky Williams was against it. Despite his number two’s wishes, Chael wanted the singers to execute the task.

Team Prima had a hard time getting ideas together, and Laila’s seriousness polarized both Kyle Richards and Porsha Williams. The ladies traveled to the Hollywood Rivera Studio, where guest advisor Rocco DiSpirito checked in with them. Kyle rolled her eyes when Laila stated that she was more laid back and Rocco privately reported that he was worried about Team Prima’s task execution. After just one rehearsal, Brooke Burke-Charvet and Kyle wanted to inject more humor into their show.

Back at Team Arete, the men were able to get a lot of their act together. However, the ladies looked like they were about to implode as Brooke wanted to have her wine and the legendary boxer was at her wit’s end.

The next day, the teams arrived at their studios. Team Prima were whirling dervishes as they were setting up for their task. Both Kyle and Lisa Leslie feared that Brooke and Porsha were going to be out of time. Lisa, Snooki, and Kyle were the hosts of the talk shows as the women shared their stories as moms. Porsha Williams’s excessive talking might have caused panic amongst the women; Laila saved the presentation with her cooking segment.

Boy George and Vince Neil kicked off their presentation with their song, while Carson Kressley channeled his inner Regis and hosted the talk show. Matt Iseman was a little too technical, Jon Lovitz and Eric Dickerson shined at their respective tasks. Unfortunately, Carson revealed that they did not feature the product enough, which could have been their downfall.

Back in the Boardroom, the teams gathered for the third time this season. After Laila and Chael’s comments as the Project Managers, it was time to reveal the winners. The Welch’s Grape Juice executives loved the men’s audience participation and the theme but thought the presentation was not cohesive enough.  However, the Welch’s Grape Juice executives thought the women did a much better job at addressing the campaign, the millennial moms, and talking about implementing their product as a lifestyle.  Because of all of those reasons, Laila and the women won!

For the first time this season, the women victorious left the boardroom leaving the men to face the Governator. Chael did not hold back the punches and blamed his second-in-command. Ricky defended himself and immediately blamed Chael for the task. Carson and Jon suggested that Chael should be fired because of this loss. As Eric nearly got in a verbal row with Arnold, Vince pointed the blame to Matt, Carson, and Chael. The MMA Fighter brought back Ricky Williams and Eric Dickerson into the boardroom.

Arnold expected the three athletes to fight for their survival. Chael immediately went back to blame Ricky, while Ricky and Eric thought that Chael should not crucify him. Chael also brought up that Eric missed the second task because of a previous commitment. However, Arnold took the bait and terminated Eric for not caring and fighting enough for his charity.

As the celebrities toasted Laila’s victory, it was time for the second task of the week. The teams were challenged to create a video for King’s Hawaiian. The King’s Hawaiian wanted the teams to create a video for their barbecue sauces. Guest advisor and YouTube superstar iJustine advised them to create a video that they wanted to make it viral worthy.  Both Snooki and Matt Iseman stepped up to the plate and became their team’s project managers.

Snooki told the women to assign their tasks. However, Laila and Lisa nearly got into a verbal fight when she was the alleged director. Over on the men’s team, Matt Iseman decided to rally his troops by making a viral video of Ricky Williams and Carson Kressley playing football. Meanwhile, Jon Lovitz was having a hard time getting his voice being heard and blamed them for throwing him under the bus. In frustration, Jon walked out of the task.

As the men were having problems keeping Jon focused, the women welcomed their crew to their headquarters. Meanwhile, Snooki became overwhelmed as Lisa argued with both Porsha and Kyle. iJustine was impressed with their double dipping. At the park, Boy George voiced his frustration about the guys messing around to Matt and Carson got injured from being tackled and had to go to the hospital.

The ladies were having problems meshing Kyle and Porsha’s ideas together. As the Bravo Housewives “fought,” several of the women noticed that there was no clear leader on this task and it seemed that Snooki looked bored as hell.  When they went back to the editing bay, Porsha was nervous about the editing. However, Snooki and Porsha decided to take a risk and add comedic elements. Meanwhile, an injured Carson came back to the men’s team, and they found that Jon Lovitz was a control freak. This incident lead to an intense confrontation between him and Vince Neil in front of Matt Iseman.

In the Boardroom, Carson made fun of his injury and the fact that he tackled Ricky Williams. Snooki revealed that it was a big challenge for her, but Brooke called her out on it.  Lisa also offered her honest opinion on the Double Dipping video surpassed the Saucy Housewife video. Porsha immediately gave Lisa notice, while Boy George revealed that the cracks were bringing to form on his team.

Eventually, it was showed that while the King’s Hawaiian Executives loved the women’s the Double Dipping video because it had some viral potential, but they fell in love with both videos and making the men victorious once again.

While Matt Iseman celebrated his first victory as a project manager, Arnold confronted the women about the Saucy Housewife video and asked for who is at fault. Laila revealed that there were team chemistry issues and told Arnold that she got into a fight with Lisa. They got back at it again in the Boardroom. Eventually, Snooki picked Lisa and Porsha to come back in the room with her.

Snooki revealed that she was terrified to be taking on the Project Manager role, while Lisa had to question why she was in the Boardroom for the second week in the row. Porsha targeted Lisa and defended her Project Manager. This lead into a fiery brawl and left Snooki in tears. Snooki stated that she did not belong at The New Celebrity Apprentice. While Arnold was impressed with her fight, he terminated Snooki.

Next week, the two teams continue to battle it out!


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