Steve Ballmer & Leeza Gibbons visit “The New Celebrity Apprentice”

Steve Ballmer shook things up tonight on “The New Celebrity Apprentice.” (Photo property of NBC)

We are getting close to the end of this season of The New Celebrity Apprentice.

After last week’s explosive triple elimination, there were seven candidates left to run to join Piers Morgan, the late Joan Rivers, Bret Michaels, Arsenio Hall, and Leeza Gibbons in the winner’s circles.

Tonight, former Microsoft CEO and Los Angeles Clippers owner Steve Ballmer and current reigning champion Leeza Gibbons visited the candidates.  How did they shake up the show? Plus, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger terminated three more candidates. Who was sent to the chopper? Read on to find out!

The Governator summoned the teams to the Staples Center, where Lisa Leslie immediately felt at home. He assigned Boy George to join Lisa and Carson Kressley at Team Prima. After Boy George had joined his new teammates, Arnold introduced LA Clippers owner Steve Ballmer, who assigned the teams to fire up Clipper Nation for a high energy and intensity presentation during a timeout during the game.

With both $75,000 and a win at stake, Ricky Williams immediately got his team to work by assigning each member a research assignment. Matt found a video of Steve going crazy during a Microsoft presentation and created a hype cheer: “We love this team!” Meanwhile, Lisa asked Carson to design t-shirts and Boy George to choreograph a routine. Lisa wanted Boy George to create an anthem about basketball, and he suggested that Lisa should rap.

As Carson, Boy George, and Lisa put a personal touch on their t-shirts, Ricky wanted to wear something black instead of the standard Clippers colors (red, blue, and white) and Brooke was worried about the T-shirt design being bland and wondered if they needed a logo to match Team Prima.   Lisa assigned Carson to be the hype man as Boy George brought two backing singers to craft a soulful basketball anthem.

Steve Ballmer visited Team Arete, and Matt Iseman teased their homage to him for the crowd hype cheer. However, the LA Clippers owner called it “shameless,” but wished them lots of luck. Meanwhile, the Team Prima trio went on a shopping spree and rehearsed the number. But, Patrick Schwarzenegger was shocked to hear that Lisa would not be dribbling a basketball. At the game, Team Arete brought an endless amount of energy, but their cheer fell flat as Brooke and Laila did not give their energy to the performance. Team Prima put on a show that had Steve Ballmer on his feet.

The teams left Staples Center and arrived at the Board Room. After Arnold had praised guest advisor Steve Ballmer, he asked Lisa and Ricky for their thoughts. Patrick revealed that he was shocked that Lisa did not touch a basketball, while Steve called at Matt for hijacking his ideas. Steve Ballmer gave Team Prima both the win and Lisa Leslie’s $75,000 for both their t-shirt and creativity (he sang the chorus of Boy George’s new anthem).

As the trio left, Ricky called out Laila for being under the weather, and Arnold called her out for not participating. Laila tried to defend herself to the Governor, while Matt tried to throw her under the bus as well. Arnold called out the team for taking the momentum away from the show by throwing the t-shirt and immediately called out Brooke for the lack of the design. With Matt safe from the boardroom, Ricky, Brooke, and Laila waited to hear their fates.

Arnold, Patrick, and Steve narrowed down their options to both Ricky Williams and Laila Ali. After Arnold had brought Laila’s fighting spirit back, both ladies advised the Governor to fire Ricky and the NFL Player fought back to defend his reputation. However, because Ricky lost both of his tasks, the Governor ordered him to “Get to the chopper!”

Leeza Gibbons breathed new life into “The New Celebrity Apprentice” as a guest advisor. (Photo property of NBC)


Matt and Team Prima were shocked to find that Laila was still standing! Now with the teams at three players apiece, the Governor summoned the Top Six to Gold’s Gym. Last season’s winner, Leeza Gibbons, told them to pick a piece of equipment and sell it on QVC. Carson took command of Team Prima, while Brooke became the Team Arete leader.

Team Prima’s Carson became the frontman and originally wanted Lisa Leslie to be the segment producer. However, Lisa argued with Carson and stated that they needed another woman, who was in QVC’s demographic, to be on TV. At first, Leeza was not impressed with their decision of having Lisa in a truck but said that Boy George’s weight loss story might be their secret weapon.

Meanwhile, Brooke reassured their team that Carson would not represent them. Both Laila and Brooke would be on TV, while Matt will be Team Arete’s segment producer. When Leeza visited the team, she was shocked that Brooke chose a product that would not be shipped to the QVC customers in a month.  She was also unhappy that Brooke and her team priced their product at $109.99.

The teams arrived at Muscle Beach and immediately got to work. As Lisa got a crash course in QVC producing, Carson and Boy George worked their magic on live television. Both Leeza and Patrick were impressed with Carson’s hosting.  Meanwhile, Team Arete got to the set, Brooke decided to go live. That decision shocked Matt, and Leeza added that they brought on Laila too late.

Back in the Board Room, Arnold and Leeza called out Carson for not using Lisa as one of the models during the Team Prima presentation, and Arnold talked to Lisa on not communicating the phone calls to Carson.  Meanwhile, Leeza and Patrick called Brooke out for her higher price point and delayed shipping.  However, the risk paid off as Team Arete outsold Team Prima on QVC.

As Brooke celebrated her second win as Project Manager, Team Prima faced Arnold, Patrick, and Leeza. Leeza called out both Carson and Lisa for their mismanagement of the task. Arnold also wanted to see more of Boy George, and Leeza added that the former Voice UK coach should be brought the customer into his weight loss success.  Because of Carson’s major defeat, Arnold terminated two of his candidates: Carson and Lisa!

Next week, the Final Four face off!


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