Boy George and Matt Iseman face off for the title of “The New Celebrity Apprentice”

Who did Arnold Schwarzenegger choose as “The New Celebrity Apprentice?” Boy George or Matt Iseman? (Photo property of NBC & MGM Television)

Six weeks ago, Matt Iseman and Boy George began a journey with 14 other celebrities to become Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Celebrity Apprentice. Throughout the weeks, the celebrities were divided into two teams: Team Arete and Team Prima.  There were strong contenders who were surprisingly eliminated early such as Carson Kressley and Laila Ali, celebrities who clearly did not belong there (I’m looking at you, Snooki and Jon Lovitz), and even a MMA fighter who went rogue on his team and became the show’s biggest villain since Omarosa (Chael Sonnen).

At the end of the six weeks, both Boy George and Matt Iseman were left standing and deemed worthy to join Piers Morgan, the late Joan Rivers, Bret Michaels, Arsenio Hall, and Leeza Gibbons in the Winner’s Circle.

Last week, Governor Schwarzenegger asked Boy George and Matt to create a massive campaign for Carnival Corporation.  The two finalists had to design an ad campaign, host a party, and create a 15-minute variety show that will entertain the guests.  They were also given help from some familiar faces.  While Carrie Keagan, Carnie Wilson, and Kyle Richards were recruited to help Matt, Boy George received assistance from Laila Ali, Porsha Williams, and his show BFF: Carson Kressley.

Both project managers faced challenges as Matt was worried that the photos would not be adequate to present to the Carnival Corporation board members, while Boy George nearly walked off the show after producers gave him a shoddy musician to work on his songs.

Who preserved and delivered a show to remember?  Who did Arnold choose as his Celebrity Apprentice? Read on to find out!

Boy George revealed to his team that he fired his keyboard player and vowed that he would be following his instinct throughout the final task. He was satisfied with his new keyboard player, and they were able to shape his tunes.  Meanwhile, Matt was impressed with his progress that he made throughout the competition, and his charities came through to help him raise a ton of money.

Boy George’s VIP, Caitlyn Jenner, arrived and brought a $90,000 check for Safe Kids Worldwide. After Caitlyn had praised Boy George’s efforts, Arnold, Patrick, and Tyra arrived on the scene. Matt immediately greeted them and took the stage by storm. He impersonated the Governator in front of Arnold, and he chuckled. However, Matt’s personal speech on why he supports the Arthritis Foundation gave me chills. As Matt got off the stage, Carnie joined her Wilson Phillips sisters as they sang their signature song: “Hold On.”

Carson Kressley kicked off Boy George’s presentation as “the Cruise Director.” Carnival Corporation president Arnold Donald was impressed with the team’s advertisements. Boy George premiered two of his new songs for the Carnival Corporation and welcomed guest star Natasha Bedingfield, who performed “Pocketful of Sunshine,” and the entire crew came together to perform Boy George’s classic hit: “Karma Chameleon.”

Both teams met the Governor, Patrick, and Tyra back in the boardroom. Arnold was blown away by the performances and the speeches. Matt revealed that even though he did not work with them, he enjoyed working with them. Carnie stated that he was gracious and humble, Kyle added that he was an incredible leader. Arnold revealed that Carrie Keagan was able to get one of Arnold’s closest friends, Sylvester Stallone, for money. Boy George’s team stated that he was also an incredible leader and added that he went through his phone book to recruit Rosie O’Donnell, Sharon Osbourne, Marc Jacobs, and more to raise money.

When it came time for the evaluations, Arnold said the results were razor thin close. Tyra stated that Carnival was very impressed with their presentation that ranged from the campaign photos to the variety show. Patrick revealed that Carnival loved the party and their passport idea. Tyra revealed that Boy George raised over $470,000, while Matt won over $570,000. After revealing the results, the helpers went back to the war room.

The final moments of the season went back to the battle between the artist and the underdog. Arnold was impressed with Boy George’s rebirth in the competition and how Matt went from underdog to champion.  At the end of the evening, Arnold decided to make Matt Iseman…The New Celebrity Apprentice!


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