“New Celebrity Apprentice” Final Four fight to impress Jessica Alba

The New Celebrity Apprentice Final Four

Who made the final task? Read on to find out! (Graphic property of NBC & MGM TV)

We are down to the final four candidates of The New Celebrity Apprentice!

By the end of the episode, the audience learned if either Boy George or Brooke Burke-Charvet was going to compete against Laila Ali or Matt Iseman for the title of Celebrity Apprentice.

Both Matt and Brooke each won two tasks as project manager collecting $100,000 each. Meanwhile, Boy George and Laila each won one task and raised $50,000 for their respective charities.

Which of the final candidates were terminated by the Arnold or advanced to the final mission? Read on to find out!

Laila, Brooke, and Matt were shocked when Boy George announced that Carson and Lisa were eliminated. Boy George revealed that it was the first time in the boardroom, meaning that Matt was the only contestant to have not be in the Final Boardroom all season. After they had taken a selfie, they met the Arnold and Jessica Alba for the second-to-final task. Once, Arnold asked Brooke to even the teams out; he revealed that they would be working with Ms. Alba’s Honest Company for this second-to-last task. The actress wanted the duos to convince potential customers by creating a demonstration in front of a focus group.  Laila would be the Project Manager, while Boy George decided to lead Brooke into battle.

During the Team Prima bus ride, Boy George stated to the audience that he needed to step up to the plate. The future Voice Australia coach told Brooke that they could incorporate his Buddhist backgrounds into the presentation, but Brooke was worried that the Buddhist point-of-view was worried that it would alienate the target audience.

Meanwhile, Laila revealed they might have an edge on this task because Laila was already living the “Honest life.” The boxer and Matt decided to split up their duties into two objectives: shopping and graphics. While Laila was having doubts about Matt’s agendas, Boy George wanted to bend the rules and bonded with Brooke about what household chores they did or did not do.

At Team Arete’s staged house, Matt wanted Laila to show off her creativity, but Laila Ali did not have it.  Meanwhile, Brooke was worried that Boy George was not organized and while Boy George stated that the former Dancing with the Stars winner and co-host was not having fun during the process.

Over at the war room, Laila was overwhelmed about the graphics and in-home presentation. When Jessica Alba came to check on Team Arete, Laila seemed scatterbrained, but the actress wanted her to make her pitch a story. Patrick checked on both Boy George and Brooke, and the singer revealed that Brooke was bossy, while Brooke announced that Boy George was not organized. Both of their respective comments got under each other’s skin.

Matt arrived back in the war room and was frustrated that Laila was still on the graphics. He was also unhappy that she did even start writing the scripts. However, when Matt put a lot of items onto a pan, Laila said it was unnecessary. Secretly, Brooke and Matt vented via text on how their respective partners were driving them both nuts.

On presentation day, both teams struggled to set up their individual presentations. Boy George and Brooke welcomed their guests to their “home.” Brooke was impressed that the musician did not overdo his Buddhist message.  Meanwhile, Matt and Laila were hit-and-miss at times, as Matt awkwardly revealed that his girlfriend’s skin broke out and Laila gave him a look.

In the Boardroom, the Final Four faced Arnold, Patrick, and Jessica. Arnold compared them to a regular Hollywood party. Team Prima revealed that it was very Lucy and Ricky Ricardo. Meanwhile, Matt had a problem that Laila with the lack of creativity. Jessica stated that they had two different presentations, but Team Prima’s fantasy edged out Matt and Laila.

Laila was stunned by the news and revealed that they were shocked that they fell short in creativity and authentic. Matt stated that the delivery was on him, but Laila should be fired due to her vision. Arnold questioned why Laila should stay, and she brought out how she turned the Team Prima around, while Matt stated that he had the best record in the game.  Arnold decided to terminate Laila and ordered her to the chopper.

As Laila exited the premise, the Final Three were wondering what was going to happen next. Arnold requested that he requested the presence of all three of them. The Governor stated that one of them would be fired. He commended them that they won twice as project manager and raised over $100,000 for their charities. The final three had to convince Mr. Schwarzenegger why they should stay in the competition and how they could move forward to the final task.

The Governor decided to terminate Brooke and commended Matt and Boy George for being the final two. The next day, Boy George and Matt met the Arnold, Patrick, and Tyra Banks in front of a harbor. The last task would involve Carnival Cruises. Arnold Donald, the Company’s CEO, tasked them to create an ad campaign, host a party, create a 15-minute variety show, and raise money.

After a pep talk from the Arnold, the men got to reunite with their cast mates. Matt’s teammates were Kyle Richards, Carnie Wilson, and Carrie Keagan. While Matt was worried about working with the women for the first time, Arnold Donald talked about the brands’ personalities and told them about the personal interests of each of their clients.

Meanwhile, Boy George was reunited with Laila Ali, Porsha Williams, and his competition BFF: Carson Kressley. The quartet immediately got to work with Arnold Donald. Carson revealed that he has been on all the ships. Boy George immediately gravitated towards Carson, who has experience working on a campaign for a cruise line.

While Boy George assigned his team to get his donations, Matt told his team about his new tagline: “One destination. You can go anywhere.” As the team was trying to rent animals and Kyle Richards’ nervous energy started to infect Carnie Wilson. In their war room, Carrie took charge of the graphic design, while Kyle worked on the party, and Carnie handled the food and the entertainment. The American Ninja Warrior host wanted to answer Arnold’s challenge about raising money and was terminated to surpass Boy George.

As the episode ended, Matt was disappointed with the photos and vowed to leave everything he had on the floor.  Meanwhile, Boy George and the keyboard player got in a row about the makeup of the songs, and he vented his frustration off the screen to the producers.

Next week, Matt and Boy George square off for the title of “Celebrity Apprentice.”

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