The Black Fairy’s darkest secret is revealed on “Once Upon A Time”

The Black Fairy’s darkest secret was revealed tonight on “Once Upon A Time.” (Photo property of ABC)

By: Jacob Elyachar,

Thanks to her grandson, Gideon, the Black Fairy has landed in Storybrooke and has started to set in motion…the Final Battle.

The Black Fairy tried and failed to pull Emma away from her family and allies, but all her schemes failed.  The only minor victories that the Black Fairy can claim is that she stole her grandson from the Blue Fairy and manipulated him to become evil. Rumple’s mom also took Zelena temporarily off the board as the Wicked Witch of the West sacrificed all of her powers to delay the Black Fairy’s malicious plans.

However, the heroes were successful in waking up the Black Fairy’s old nemesis; the Blue Fairy, from her coma and she is the only person that knows the Black Fairy’s darkest secret. What was the villain hiding from the heroes? Read on to find out!

The show kicked off with a flashback between Fiona the Black Fairy giving birth to baby Rumple.  As Malcolm and the woman who would eventually become the wicked fairy were about to name the baby, Tiger Lily and the Blue Fairy suddenly appeared and stated the boy had great potential for light magic and to become the Savior.

As Fiona sang her son to sleep, she yelled at Tiger Lily for giving her the knowledge that about how the final battle would kill her son. Tiger Lily countered and said that it is a fairy’s job to protect the savior.  Suddenly, Fiona transformed into a fairy.  The duo searched high and low for the baby who was going to kill Baby Rumple.  Fiona wanted to create a powerful spell to save her son and convinced Tiger Lily to help her.

In Storybrooke, the Blue Fairy regained consciousness at Gold’s shop; Captain Hook immediately demanded that the Blue Fairy give the location to the other half of the wand that Tiger Lily gave him back in Neverland.  Snow demanded that the pirate gave the fairy a chance to get reacquainted with her surroundings.  Blue revealed that the wand was at the center of Storybrooke. However, it was all a ruse…Snow was the Black Fairy in disguise! The Black Fairy threatened Blue’s life, and Charming was Gideon in disguise!  While the wicked fairy transported away with the Blue Fairy, Gold put a chain on his son’s wrist and stated that it was time to get his heart back.

Meanwhile, Zelena was having a hard time adjusting to a life without magic and revealed to Regina that she was worried about protecting her daughter from the outcome of the final battle. As Regina presented her sister with another option, Belle tried her best to get Gideon to reveal the location of his heart.  As Gideon refused to answer the question, he forced Gideon and Emma to sleep.

Gold is doing everything he can to save Gideon from his mother including kidnapping Emma. The Dark One took the Savior to the Dream Realm, a place that his mother cannot control. Gold revealed that he brought Emma to the realm to stop him from doing anything destructive. He also added that if they defeated the Black Fairy before they recover Gideon’s heart and Gideon wakes up, Gold and Belle will permanently lose Gideon forever.  As they journeyed further in the realm, the duo came upon a cabin where they found a rocking baby cradle. A startled Gold revealed to Emma that he was born in this cottage. Emma stated that they were not in Gideon’s dream, but it was Rumple’s dream. While Gold correctly revealed that they were in his dream, he wanted to recover Gideon and get the heck back to Storybrooke immediately.

Back in Storybrooke, Regina taught Zelena unsuccessfully how to drive a kick shift vehicle. While Zelena struggled, Regina begged to take Henry to New York City if there were any sacrifices or death in the Final Battle.  As the heroes determined that the center of Storybrooke was Granny’s Dinner, the Black Fairy tortured the Blue Fairy.

Meanwhile, the Charmings and Hook joined Regina in tearing Granny’s apart. Hook and David found the other half of the wand. However, the Black Fairy caught up with them and demanded that they hand over the wand. Regina refused to give up the wand and the two women headed for a showdown.

As Zelena ran over the Black Fairy with a car to save Regina, Gold, Gideon, and Emma were about to learn the truth why the Black Fairy abandoned him as a child.  Gold learned that his mother and Tiger Lily visited the ancient vault to create the Dark Curse. They learned that it was Gold’s turn to fight the Black Fairy and not Emma.  Belle was relieved that there was good left in Gold. As Mr. Gold reunited the two parts of the wooden wand, it was time for him to face his mother.

Gold and the Black Fairy had a heated showdown. However, the Black Fairy revealed that it was Tiger Lily and the Blue Fairy banished her. She chose power over love, and Mr. Gold called her out on her bullshit. The Black Fairy tried to apologize for the pain he caused him and Gold countered by asking her why did she give Gideon pain and the Black Fairy asked him forgiveness

As Gold reunited his family by giving Gideon’s heart back, Hook asked Henry to be his best man. Meanwhile, it was revealed that Gold did not kill his mother and the duo plotted the Savior’s demise.

Next Sunday, Emma & Hook finally tie the knot as Once Upon A Time airs its musical episode.


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