The Charmings risk history on “Once Upon A Time”

Did David & Snow break the sleeping curse to help Emma prepare for the final battle? (Photo property of ABC)

By: Jacob Elyachar,

For the past few weeks, Snow and David Charming have been under the Evil Queen’s sleeping curse. Their longtime nemesis used “True Love’s Kiss” as a key to wake one of them up while other is put under the sleeping curse.

Tonight, Snow and David decided that they had enough of living two separate lives and agreed that it was time to break the sleeping curse.  However, there were consequences to their plan.  Were they successful in breaking the Evil Queen’s curse?  Read on to find out!

In Neverland, the rabid Lost Boys chased Hook, and they caught him. Hook tried to bargain with them using hidden treasure, but the Lost Boys’ leaders wanted vengeance for Pan’s death. Hook was forced to unleash his sword and added that “he had someone waiting for him at home.” Before either party could duel, a mysterious woman knocked the Lost Boys out and warned: “You should be more careful, Captain.” It turned out that the lady was Tiger Lily, who added that since Pan’s death, the Lost Boys have gotten nasty.  However, Tiger Lily knocked Hook out.

In Storybrooke, Regina revealed to David and Emma that the Savior had to fight the Final Battle. They also discovered that Emma’s tremors returned. As Emma and Henry looked for more clues about the Final Battle, David ordered Regina to break the curse that her evil alter-ego put the Charmings under many episodes ago.  While Regina stated to Charming that she was working on a solution, a sleeping Snow was transported back to Storybrooke’s early days under the Dark Curse. While Snow said “Hello” to her friends, she had an icy encounter with Mayor Mills, who advised her not to waste her money on John Doe.  While Snow threw away the flowers, she discovered a red rose on the street and brought it to John Doe. The enchanted rose worked and woke from his coma. It turned out that David only knew the truth and because of the magic, they remembered their true identities.

At Regina’s crypt, the former Evil Queen asked Snow why she did tell Emma about her plan. Snow responded that Emma would forbid her plan. Both Regina and Zelena retrieved the two halves of their shared heart from the Charmings’ bodies and Regina stated that what the sisters were going to do next was going to hurt. Both sisters put the Charmings’ shared hearts in a cauldron where they were going to remove the Evil Queen’s sleeping curse. However, the sisters revealed that the Evil Queen put a failsafe on the curse. The potion did not remove the curse, but it weakened both hearts, and at the end of the day, both Charmings would be put to sleep with no way of waking them up.

As the Charmings regrouped, the Black Fairy and Gideon surprised Gold and Belle at the Pawn Shop. The Black Fairy wanted her son at her side in time for the final battle, while Gold resisted her first offer, his wicked mother stated that he would join them when the darkness comes.  Back in Neverland, Hook revealed that he fell in love with the Savior and Tiger Lily revealed that she had a driftwood dagger that could defeat the Black Fairy. However, they would have to get past the Lost Boys to retrieve magic that could reunite him with Emma.

Back in Storybrooke, Snow and Emma encountered the Black Fairy and Gideon in Storybrooke’s forest. The Black Fairy revealed that they were destined to battle and ordered Gideon to destroy the crop of pixie flowers so that she would be without the Charmings. As Snow fired her arrow in rage, Hook and Tiger Lily made a move to release Pan’s shadow. Unfortunately, the Lost Boys caught on to their ruse and captured both the pirate and the Indian Princess.

As Snow was about ready to give up hope, Emma found one of the remaining pixie flowers and the duo rushed over to the Charmings’ apartment. Regina was able to put the powder into a vital. Before they were able to give it to the Charmings, Hook’s shadow appeared and delivered the driftwood dagger. Once Hook’s shadow vanished, Snow told her daughter that they almost used the magic flower to take their daughter away from her destiny.  As Snow fell asleep, she encouraged her daughter to use the magic to bring Hook home.

Just as Hook was about to be executed in Neverland, Emma saved Hook and they reunited in the Charmings’ apartment. Hook also correctly proposed to Emma and this time; she said “Yes.” As Emma put the engagement ring on her finger, the Savior revealed that the duo went into a sleeping curse.  Regina gathered the entire town together to dilute the sleeping curse in honor of the Charmings. They were able to save the couple, and David once again gave Hook his blessings to marry Emma.

As everyone reunited, Gold confronted his mother. Gold revealed that he knows that the Black Fairy had Gideon’s heart and vowed that he would get his son’s heart back from her.

Next week, the Black Fairy versus the Wicked Witch of the West!

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