Hook goes hunting while three Disney heroes return to “Once Upon A Time”

Captain Hook meets Captain Nemo Once Upon A Time

Did Captain Nemo help Captain Hook get back home? (Photo property of ABC Studios)

By: Jacob Elyachar, jakes-take.com

Things are not looking good for Captain Hook.

Emma broke off her engagement to the pirate when Hook was about to erase his memory of killing Charming’s father back in the Enchanted Forest. While Hook originally planned to leave town with his mentor, Captain Nemo, it was his future mother-in-law that confirmed that if the Evil Queen could get a happy ending, then he can as well.  Just as Hook was going to decline Nemo’s offer, Gideon decided to sink the Nautilus and banished his father’s mortal enemy from the realm.

Was Hook successful in getting back to Storybrooke? Read on to find out…

As Emma spilled the beans to Charming that Hook killed his father and revealed that she broke off her engagement, Captain Nemo’s crew had difficulties getting the submarine under control after the chaos Gideon caused. Nemo explained that Gideon teleported them into another realm and said that Hook’s “friend” forced the submarine into turbo. Hook stated that Gideon was not his friend and indicated that they needed to get back to Storybrooke. Hook’s brother, Liam, said that it was impossible to do that and Nemo added that they needed to get the blood of a Kraken to travel between realms possible. An angry Hook stated that they would get to hunting the creature so that he could save Emma from Gideon.

In the present day Enchanted Forest, Jasmine, and Aladdin were having a hard time finding Agrabah. Aladdin wanted to go home, while Jasmine argued that she does not have a home. They got an argument, and suddenly a ring appeared out of nowhere, and it reminded about her failure to save Agrabah.  The duo decided to go on one of the rowboats where they found a sea creature.  After they had fought off the animal, they were reunited with Hook who ordered them to board the Nautilus.

On board the Nautilus, Hook bashed Aladdin and Jasmine for interfering in their search for the Kraken and demanded one of their wishes to take back him to Storybrooke. Aladdin stated that it would never work that quickly because they were having a hard time looking for Agrabah.  Jasmine sheepishly admitted to the men that she hid a crucial fact: Jafar stole Agrabah.  The Princess also stated that she did not have the courage to face him, Hook said that she would not face him alone as he offered his service.

Back in Storybrooke, Emma was in disbelief that Hook abandoned her. A concerned Henry asked if she was alright and as Emma lied to her son, she was summoned to a bar to break-up a fight. It turned out that the bartender stated that there was no fight.  It turned out that it was Snow and Regina that summoned her. The former Evil Queen advised her to stop holding everything in, and Snow chirped in and commented about the drinks. It turned into the first edition of “Storybrooke’s Girls Night.” As Emma, Regina, and Snow drank, Jasmine bonded with Hook on missing home. The pirate revealed that he would never live anywhere, but the sea but his heart ached for Storybrooke. Jasmine stated that she made horrible decisions and added that she did not deserve love.  Just as Aladdin annoyed Hook to find out if Jasmine loved her, the Nautilus was about to down in a watery grave. However, Jasmine swooped in at the last minute and wished for everyone to escape their grave fate.

At Aesop’s Fables, Emma was having a hard time opening up to both her mom and Regina. However, a drunken Snow decided to liven things up when she challenged the Viking Trio to a game of darts to see who pays both tabs. Emma stated that this situation would be distracted. Meanwhile, Hook was forced to say goodbye to Liam and Captain Nemo as the trio searched for Jafar.  The trio found an abandoned hideout and it looked like that they were in Jafar’s hut because they found one of the sorcerer’s red dust containers.  However, it turned out to the trio were in Ariel and Eric’s house, after a quick reunion with the mermaid, Jasmine asked for her assistance yet again.

Ariel revealed that she had Jafar’s genie bottle. However, once they freed Jafar, he knocked Aladdin, Ariel, and Hook unconscious. Alone, the duo faced off one final time. Jafar revealed that Agrabah was inside the ring. Jafar continued to gloat that Jasmine failed her people and she used the powder to transform Jafar into a walking staff. Using true love’s kiss, Aladdin and Jasmine were able to get Agrabah back to normal and break Aladdin free of the Genie curse.

As Aladdin and Jasmine got reacquainted with their kingdom, Ariel helped Hook get in touch with Emma. However, Emma was unable to get Hook back to the realm because Gideon placed a protection spell under it.  Gideon stated that the only way that Emma would see her future husband again was if she helped him kill the Black Fairy.

Next week, the heroes must team up with their old adversaries to defeat the Black Fairy.

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