Captain Swan gets married on “Once Upon A Musical”

Once Upon A Time musical episode

Tonight, Emma Swan and Captain Hook tied the knot for a special musical episode. (Photo property of ABC)

By: Jacob Elyachar,

It is so hard to believe that Captain Swan got married tonight on Once Upon A Time. As Emma and Hook tied the knot, the show finally gave Oncers what they wanted for years: a musical episode.

All the actors that are performing tonight will be singing original songs written by Once Upon A Time fans Alan Zachary and Michael Weiner (sorry Descendants fans, Regina or Zelena did not sing “Rotten for the Core”). The characters that sang the musical numbers tonight included Snow (Ginnifer Goodwin), David (Josh Dallas), Regina (Lana Parrilla), Zelena (Rebecca Mader), Emma (Jennifer Morrison), Hook (Colin O’Donoghue), and some of our favorite supporting cast members.

In addition to the seven songs that were performed tonight, the Black Fairy’s specter continues to haunt Storybrooke and now has convinced her son: Mr. Gold (the once Savior and future Dark One) to join forces with her.   What was the duo up to? Why was everyone singing? Read on to find out.

The Enchanted Forest’s residents started to channel their inner Robert Goulets and Julie Andrews when Snow woke up one day and discovered that she was singing.  Charming also noticed the predicament and stated someone either a spell or curse might have caused this.  Snow sang that she wished upon a star for “Powerful Magic” to defeat the Evil Queen.

The second song of the evening, “Love Doesn’t Have a Chance,” focused on the Evil Queen’s annoyance with the spell that Snow and Charming cast.  The Magic Mirror sang that the singing spell would be more powerful to counter the Dark Curse.  Regina frowned as Grumpy, Geppetto, Granny, and the Charmings were celebrating life. The wicked ruler decided to embrace the spell and decided to shatter the hopes of the Charmings’ allies by warning that the Dark Curse is coming.

The Charmings were desperate to stop the Evil Queen that they decided to make an unholy alliance with their future son-in-law: Captain Hook and his crew. However, the Good Captain turned down their jewels and sang that he only wanted revenge against a certain crocodile-like Dark One named Rumpelstiltskin.  The Charmings revealed why the pirate could not find his foe because they kept the Dark One in their dungeon.  They used Rumple as a bargaining chip for safe passage to the Evil Queen’s castle.  A gleeful Hook agreed to help them so that he could be after his revenge.

Meanwhile, the Evil Queen confronted her mentor and asked for advice. The Dark One not only revealed that he did not sing, but also that she was not his best student.  In Oz, Zelena schemed to bring down her sister and prove to Gold that in her musical number that “Wicked Always Wins” by creating a spell that would help the Charmings.

The Charmings confronted their nemesis at her castle, and it turned into a big musical showdown. However, Regina stole their song using Zelena’s gift and transported them back to their castle.  The Charmings found the Blue Fairy created the spell for Emma to utilize in the future and also previewed the upcoming final battle.

In Storybrooke, Snow revealed that Belle found her wedding dress from the Enchanted Forest and Emma agreed to wear it for their special day. However, the Black Fairy announced that she was indeed alive and vowed that she would ruin her wedding day and transform Emma back into the orphan that she once was.  Emma called out her bluff, but the Black Fairy invited her to visit the Clock Tower.  Snow, Regina, Zelena, and Emma found out that the villain had tons of black fairy dust, which would release the second dark curse.  While Regina and Zelena tried to undo the Black Fairy’s magic, Emma visited her future husband and told Hook not to worry about her facing Gold’s mom.  Hook begged to help her defeat the fairy, but Emma declined the offer.

Hook confronted Gold in his shop and knocked him out. As the Black Fairy appeared, Henry gave his mother an encouraging pep talk and told her that she was doing the right thing. Henry also added that he brought Emma home to fight the Final Battle. As Emma left the Sheriff’s Office, Zelena gave Regina an idea about using time. While Gold captured the heroes, Emma confronted the Black Fairy and her tremors started to return when the Savior realized that she had to face the Black Fairy alone.

Emma retreated to the Sheriff’s office and Henry revealed that “she was not alone.” Emma stated to her son that every time that something big came along, she ran away from it. Henry indicated that she changed and could defeat the Black Fairy.  As Emma faced her destiny, Henry came to the rescue with a brand new page that showcased that she has the song in her heart inside of her and that she could access her family and friends’ love to save the day.

Emma went back to the Mayor’s office and made a deal with the Black Fairy. The Black Fairy used her magic to rip Emma’s heart out, but she failed to crush it. Henry stated that her mother was not alone. “Emma’s Song” perfectly summed up her story and freed her family from their spell. As the Black Fairy vowed her revenge, it was time for the special ceremony where Emma and Hook exchanged vows.

Next week, the Final Battle between the Charmings and the Black Fairy begins!


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