Jake’s Take: The October 2017 DC Comics Solicitations

Will Superman be able to save his planet from Mr. Oz? (Cover art property of DC Comics)

By: Jacob Elyachar, jakes-take.com  

DC Comics’ October 2017 Solicitations are here!

Jake’s Take believes that these some of these hot stories are going to be extensive conversations at the 2017 San Diego Comic-Con.  Luckily, we were able to narrow down the important stories that our readers and their fellow fans might be talking about as they wait in line to get into either Hall H and Ballroom 20 or meet their favorite DC Comics creators.

“The Oz Effect” continues in Action Comics

Mr. Oz continues to harass the Man of Steel! The menacing hooded figure plans to recruit Superboy to his cause, but not after confronting his world-famous mother first. Will Jonathan bend to Mr. Oz’s will? What does Mr. Oz have in store for Lois Lane? Find out as Dan Jurgens, Viktor Bogdanovic, and Nick Bradshaw present Action Comics #989 (October 11) and Action Comics #990 (October 25).


Will Tim Drake return to the Batman Family alive? (Cover art property of DC Comics)

Red Robin’s Prison Break

At the end of James Tynion IV’s first arc in Detective Comics, Tim Drake went out in Ra blaze of glory defeating the Colony. However, while Batman and his friends thought that Red Robin was killed, the mysterious Mr. Oz captured Tim.  Finally, after months of captivity, Red Robin is about to escape, but can Red Robin get back to Gotham City if he cannot escape Mr. Oz’s fortress? Batman fans can find out the answers when the creative team of James Tynion IV, Eddy Barrows, and Eber Ferreira present Detective Comics #966 (October 11) and Detective Comics #967 (October 25).


The “Suicide Squad” is about to go into space! (Artwork property of DC Comics)

Suicide Squad’s Secret History…Revealed!

Someone knows Amanda Waller’s secrets and is about to send both Waller and Task Force X on the ride of their lives. While Ms. Waller tasks Harley Quinn and the team to track down the extraterrestrial messenger, two missing characters from DC Comics history are about to make their unexpected arrival. Who are these missing characters? How will they shake the Squad to their core? Writer Rob Williams and cover artist Stjepan Sejic will welcome new artist Edward Petrovich to the book as Suicide Squad issues 24 and 25 are expected to drop on October 11 and October 25 respectively.

Wally West joins the Titans for a “Death Race.”

Since Wally West returned to the DC Universe in 2016’s DC Universe Rebirth one-shot, he has to share his name with another Wally West. However, when the legendary Titan subsumes to heart disease, the Titans must recruit the former Teen Titan in hopes to save Wally’s life. Will they be successful? Or will one of the Wally Wests be six feet under? Titans writer Dan Abnett is expected to reunite with his original art team of Brett Booth and Norm Rapmund for the book’s sixteenth issue, which is scheduled to drop on October 18.


Will Betty & Veronica lose Archie to Harley Quinn & Poison Ivy? (Art cover property of DC Comics & Archie Comics)


When Harley & Ivy met Betty & Veronica

Two of the comic book industry’s dynamic duos are about to collide in an epic crossover event. DC Comics and Archie Comics is expected to present the ultimate gal-pal tale when Gotham’s deadly divas, Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy, meet Riverdale’s Queen Bees: Betty and Veronica. Fan-favorite writers Paul Dini and Marc Andreyko along with artist Laura Braga are expected to bring this tale to life when the issue drops on October 4.

The Return of Ragman

One of Gotham City’s mysterious heroes is returning to the DC Comics Universe! The creative team of writer Ray Fawkes, artist Inaki Miranda, colorist Eva de la Cruz, and cover artist Guillem March will present the new adventures of Rory Regan. But many DC fans might know Mr. Regan by his alter-ego: Ragman! In this new six-issue self-titled mini-series, Ragman returns to Gotham after a demon wants to possess the hero’s Suit of Souls. Can Ragman guard this magical possession? Find out when the first issue drops on October 11.


Boston Brand is back! But will Batman be his ally? (Cover art property of DC Comics)

Deadman’s Back!

Ragman is not the only Batman ally to make his return in time for the holiday season. Comics luminary Neal Adams resurrects Deadman for an epic six-issue miniseries. Boston Brand is back, and Batman has tons of questions for his deceased ally regarding Deadman’s death. While the Dark Knight points the finger to longtime adversary Ra’s Al Ghul, Deadman is forced to recruit some of DC’s magical heavyweights including Zatanna, Doctor Fate, and the Spectre to defend the mystical Nanda Parbat. The first issue of this mini-series is expected to drop November 1, just one day after Halloween.

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