Queen + Adam Lambert wow Barclays Center

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By: Jacob Elyachar, jakes-take.com

I have been looking to see Queen + Adam Lambert perform together ever since I talked to concertgoers at the 2015 Mix 93.3 Jingle Jam in Kansas City.  They told me that it was epic and the performance would take my breath away.  It turns out; they were 1,000 percent correct!

Thousands of fans flocked to the Barclays Center to watch Queen + Adam Lambert perform in the Brooklyn arena for the first time. It was impeccable watching that this pairing united different generations of fans.  I ran into a couple who have already seen multiple dates on the group’s current North American tour, and I was sandwiched in between two people who stated to me that they saw the band’s iconic front man, the late Freddie Mercury, multiple times during Queen’s classic years.

When the band took the stage around 8:45 PM, the group strutted with a mini version of “We Will Rock You” and then transitioned into classic tunes such as “Another One Bites the Dust” and “Fat Bottom Girls.” Adam Lambert told the crowd that he was honored to perform with two of his legendary band members: the iconic guitarist Dr. Brian May and singer-drummer Roger Taylor.  The audience roared with pure delight when Adam shared his admiration for the late Freddie Mercury.

“One of the things that I loved the most about Freddie is that no matter what if he got up on stage, sat down for interviews or anywhere he went in life if anyone raised an eyebrow at him or gave him shit about anything, he DIDN’T CARE!” said Lambert.  “He was an absolute rock star, in fact, Freddie did not give two expletives.”  After Lambert and the band performed “Two Fux,” the band dug deeper into the Queen songbook and performed “Don’t Stop Me Now” and “Bicycle Race.” During “Bicycle Race,” a flamboyant pink bicycle with roses attached appeared from under the stage and Adam rode it throughout the song. Once, the bike left the scene, Dr. May performed a memorable guitar solo, and Adam showcased an epic vocal warm-up before leading the audience into a rousing version of “I Want It All.”

As Lambert went backstage to change his outfit, Dr. May walked out to the center of the band’s rock guitar stage and performed the poignant “Love of My Life.” It was impeccable to see the hundreds of cell phone lights that shined while Dr. May played the A Night from the Opera track, which featured footage of the late singer.  That moment gave me chills, and I admit that I teared up when I saw the Freddie Mercury footage, which was the position to the right of his longtime friend.

Lambert returned to the stage to join Dr. May and Roger Taylor on his quest for finding “Somebody to Love.” Over the past few years, there have been many talented talent competition singers such as America’s Got Talent Brian Justin Crum, The Voice: Season Nine champion Jordan Smith, and friend to the blog and X Factor USA alum Rachel Potter, have performed their show-stopping interpretation of the tune. But, none of them have come close to interpret the song like the American Idol alum.


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While May and Lambert left the stage, Roger Taylor dueled touring musician Tyler Warren in an epic drum battle, before dedicating “Under Pressure,” to the late David Bowie. After Taylor had returned to the stage, the group performed the energetic emancipation track “I Want to Break Free,” while Lambert shined when he sang the haunting and maybe underrated “Who Wants to Live Forever.”  The concert’s decrescendo led to three of Queen’s signature songs and the massive sing-along session I have ever seen as the band closed out the night with “Bohemian Rhapsody,” “We Will Rock You,” and “We Are the Champions.”

Final thoughts and grade: Queen + Adam Lambert was one of the most epic concerts I have ever seen! Both Brian May and Roger Taylor are still at the top of their game, while Adam Lambert continues to carve out a place at the upper part of his generation’s best vocalists. If you have a chance to see this outstanding tour while it is still in North America or overseas in Europe, make sure you check out this astonishing show! A+



  1. MalsDoxy says:

    spot on review, no one performing today can come close to Adam Lambert for sheer vocal ability and showmanship… everyone should see this show and see the true musicianship by all on that stage

  2. I’ve had the honor and privledge to witness Queen and Adam Lambert in concert 6x since their first tour. I knew Adam could sing well but my gosh he was even more epic than I imagined in person. His voice echoes throughout the venues and I swear he hits high notes that don’t eve exist. Adam’s charisma and stage presense are unmatched. When he’s on the stage with Brian and other members of Queen it’s a whole new dynamic in rock music. If you haven’t seen them live do it soon.

    • Evelyn J. Ruiz says:

      Kara Dioguardi who was once a judge in American Idol with Paula Abdul, when Adam was a contestant declared after Adam had sang, “What can I say? You hit notes that I don’t know even exist. So I am not surprised with your comments. Adam is such a brilliant, beautiful singer with a heart of gold. Not since Elvis has there been a singer so exiting to watch and listen to with loads of wonderful, wholesome appeall


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