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On Location Tour’s “When Harry met Seinfeld” will take fans outside Tom’s Restaurant. (Photo property of Jake’s Take)

By: Jacob Elyachar, jakes-take.com

For six decades, New York City has played the host to countless production companies who have filmed across the five boroughs since the 1950s.

Over the past 18 years, On Location Tours have been taking pop culture aficionados on tours in New York City.  Currently, On Location Tours offers nine different bus tours and one walking tour that showcases fans the landmarks that help progress their favorite television shows and films.  Also, On Location Tours has been highlighted in over a thousand media outlets from around the world.  Recently, I had the opportunity to partake in On Location Tours’ When Harry Met Seinfeld tour.

The two-hour On Location Tour was jammed that highlighted the locations of some of the greatest movies and television shows of all-time including Elf, Gossip Girl, Law & Order, Seinfeld, Taxi Driver, When Harry Met Sally, and You’ve Got Mail. Now if you are a FRIENDS or Will & Grace fan, I have some bad news. Max, my incredible On Location Tour Guide, stated that while these phenomenal NBC shows did shoot their exteriors in the Big Apple, they shot on Los Angeles soundstages.  In addition, the tour pick-up location is right next door to Midtown restaurant McGee’s Pub, which served as one of the four inspirations behind CBS’ popular comedy: How I Met Your Mother’s hangout spot MacLaren’s.

When Harry met Seinfeld introduced concepts to New York tourists (and newcomers) that will fascinate them. One idea that interested me was that the Upper West Side was nicknamed by the New York filming community as Nora Ephron Land.  The late writer, filmmaker, and New York City native daughter is credited with bringing romantic comedy films back to forefronts with blockbusters such as When Harry Met Sally, You’ve Got Mail, and Julie & Julia.

As for Jerry Seinfeld and Larry David’s television opus, On Location guests got a bigger insight into the 10-time Emmy-winning comedy. One of the most interesting facts that they learned was tied to one of the series’ most recognizable supporting cast members.  The Soup Nazi was based on a popular soup restaurant in New York City: The Original Soupman and its colorful owner- Al Yeganeh. Chef Yeganeh had three separate rules for his customers: pick the soup they want, have your money ready, and move to the extreme left after you order. If you did not follow these original rules: NO SOUP for YOU! Also, Max revealed that the Original Soupman makes at least $20,000 a day!

Another Seinfeld location that was highlighted on this tour was Tom’s Restaurant. Located in the Morningside Heights area of Manhattan, the exterior of the restaurant cameoed countless times as Jerry, Elaine, George, and Kramer’s favorite restaurant: Monk’s Diner. However, just like its fellow NBC series FRIENDS and Will & Grace, the diner scenes were shot on a soundstage.


(Photo property of Jake’s Take)

Other stops on tour included Café Lalo, which served as the backdrop to one of You’ve Got Mail’s pivotal scenes. While Café Lalo has a delicious selection of pastries and cakes, I would highly recommend buying one of their large chocolate chip cookies, which is friendlier for the On Location Tour bus than a piece of their irresistible mint chocolate chip cheesecake that could melt during the warmer months of the year.  The last stop of the tour is the Metropolitan Museum of Art.  Hitch, Keeping the Faith, Maid in Manhattan, and When Harry Met Sally are amongst the fan-favorite films that used this iconic NYC museum as backdrops.


(Photo property of Jake’s Take)

I want to take a minute to thank my excellent tour guide: Max Brand. Max was a strong tour guide that engaged with his tour group throughout the two-hour experience. I found his knowledge of the New York filming locations intriguing.  Max also made it an incredible experience for our team from assisting us in taking photos to his amazing Jim Carrey impression that he showed the audience at the end of the tour.

Final thoughts & take: On Location Tour’s “When Harry Met Seinfeld” is an impressive two-hour journey across New York City. I guarantee that you, your friends, and family members will enjoy this tour and also learn more about Manhattan along the way. A

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